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Team Players
31 Angle, Matt OF  FR
9 Arp, Mike IF  FR
45 Barker, Dan RHP  FR
23 Bourquin, Ronnie IF  FR
4 Caravati, Steve OF  FR
12 Carroll, Jeffrey LHP/IF  FR
14 Caughenbaugh, Cody OF  FR
36 DeLucia, Dan RHP  FR
43 Dyar, Kyle IF  FR
29 Farinacci, Paul IF  FR
44 Fausnaugh, Trey RHP  FR
2 Feucht, Nick OF  FR
33 Fryer, Eric C  FR
17 Hanners, Chris LHP  FR
24 Hatcher, Brett LHP  FR
10 Hoerig, Brett OF  FR
28 Houser, Kelly C  FR
11 Howell, Jacob OF  FR
38 Hula, Josh C  FR
8 Kennedy, Tony IF  FR
19 Luebke, Cory LHP  FR
39 Luyster, Trent LHP  FR
30 Macke, Chris IF  FR
6 Madsen, Mike RHP  FR
49 McCauly, Dan RHP  FR
34 Meister, Rory RHP  FR
21 Moore, Jamey C  FR
15 Moorman, Kris IF  FR
40 Myers, Justin RHP  FR
16 Nemo, Adam C/RHP  FR
48 Pikkarainen, Aaron LHP  FR
25 Rabin, Mike OF  FR
26 Schirtzinger, Wes OF  FR
5 Schneider, Adam C  FR
42 Selhorst, Matthew LHP  FR
20 Stephen, Jedidiah IF  FR
1 Zizzo, Jonathan OF  FR
7 Zoeller, Jason IF  FR
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