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Emptying the Notebook: Buckeyes and the B1G Media Days
By Tony Gerdeman

CHICAGO — We are still working our way through all of the stories from the Big Ten Media Days, but here are a few bits and pieces that we didn't want to slip through the cracks.

Ruining the Perfect 20 If you follow recruiting at all, you've probably already noticed that three of the Buckeyes' four starting defensive linemen were five-star prospects coming out of high school. The lone four-star recruit being future captain Michael Bennett.

While Bennett was talking about the dangers of a five-star recruit believing his own hype, I asked him if he knew that he was the only starter on the defensive line without that fifth star.

He knew.

"I've been made aware of that, that I am the one bringing our stars down," he chuckled. "I read it in an article that we have 19 stars out of the four of us and I'm the four star. I've never really been too concerned with notoriety. You can be a four star and still produce."

I then asked if he was worried about the coaches replacing him with former five-star Tommy Schutt in an effort to field that perfect 20.

“Just to make it look better? You never know. I'm worried that Tommy Schutt might move in front of me because he's a great athlete."

Still Work to Do The last we saw of fifth-year senior running back Rod Smith he was being shut down for the rest of the spring to focus on academics, and that was after starting the spring in a battle for the starting tailback spot at Ohio State.

I asked Urban Meyer if Smith was in good standing, and the answer was that, yes, he is in good standing, but that he could always be in better standing.

"He's okay," Meyer said, then added, "Until he's a starting tailback at Ohio State with that talent, he's got some stuff to do."

Meyer's larger point being that Smith is too talented not to be a contributor, and as long as he remains a non-contributor then he is not where he needs to be.

Big Bad Noah Brown There was a little bit of a hullabaloo a couple of weeks ago when Ohio State's football roster was updated for the summer and incoming freshman receiver Noah Brown measured in at 6-foot-1 and 244 pounds.

Meyer was asked about Brown and he said that they'll need to trim him up a bit, but also that he definitely has the ability to see the field this season.

"Great summer," Meyer said of Brown. 

"He's a guy that's grown, when I first saw him June we had a talk -- you gotta lose some weight. Just gotta trim it up. It's not a chiseled 240 right now. He's getting close but he's really talented and works his tail off. I think he'll play, have a chance to play this year."

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