Established October 31, 1996
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Quick Thoughts on the Ohio State Depth Chart for the Navy Game
By Tony Gerdeman
For some, the depth chart battle continues
Photo by Jim Davidson

COLUMBUS — When does a Wednesday feel like a Monday? When Ohio State's depth chart finally gets released in the middle of the week.

My first impression after scanning the depth chart is that this depth chart has more "ORs" in it than a canoe race. (I love boat humor.) Left guard is an OR, running back is two ORs, H-Back is an OR, defensive tackle is an OR, cornerback is an OR and free safety is an OR. Why, it's a regular OR house over there.

The most surprising aspect of the entire depth chart is the fact Michael Bennett is listed as an OR with Tommy Schutt. Everyone that I've talked to about Schutt has done nothing but rave about him. Bennett himself told me last month that he has to be careful not to lose his job to Schutt. But an "OR"? Is Bennett banged up a little?

Not surprising, however, is the fact that no decision has been made between Gareon Conley and Eli Apple at cornerback or Cam Burrows and Vonn Bell at free safety.

Billy Price and Joel Hale are still competing for left guard, as is center with Jacoby Boren and Chad Lindsay. Even though the players and coaches haven't called this a concern, there is no doubt they would have preferred somebody stepping forward and taking the job.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the offensive line depth chart is Antonio Underwood as Taylor Decker's backup at left tackle. For most of camp Underwood was in the mix at left guard. In fact, he left the spring as the starter at that position. Price and Hale — two former defensive tackles — have since moved past him, and now he moves to J.T. Barrett's blindside. My impression is that if disaster happened, then Underwood would be a stop-gap and not the final answer at the position.

Ezekiel Elliott, Rod Smith and Curtis Samuel are all listed as the possible starter at tailback. I wonder how much of this has to do with Elliott's wrist and how much has to do with Smith's camp and Samuel's everything.

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