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The Black Stripe Tally Board
By Tony Gerdeman
Black Stripes, the scarlet letters of the Scarlet and Gray

[UPDATED: Aug. 25 - 2:15 pm]

COLUMBUS — For Buckeyes, the removal of the black stripe is a tradition as old as time — provided time is a little over two years old and began when Urban Meyer took over at Ohio State.

The removal of the stripe signifies a freshman or walk-on becoming an official Buckeye, but it only happens following impressive performances during practice. Sometimes it will be dangled in front of a player, and in order to snatch it they will have to win a circle drill or some other type of competition.

The first Buckeye to ever have his stripe removed was linebacker Devan Bogard in 2012, who was a safety at the time. To this point in Fall Camp, 21 Buckeyes have lost their black stripes.

Here is the list, in the relative order in which their removal happened.

1a. LB Raekwon McMillan
McMillan was an early enrollee and probably the best bet to have his stripe removed first. Meyer has said since January that McMillan will play this season, and nothing that has happened since would contradict those plans.

Curtis Samuel
Photo by Jim Davidson
1b. RB Curtis Samuel
Samuel and McMillan lost their stripes on the same day. Even though he was brought to Ohio State because of his speed, Urban Meyer and his players have done nothing but rave about Samuel's toughness.

3. DE Darius Slade
Slade looks like you want your freshman defensive ends to look. He is long and lean, and appears to be another Larry Johnson special.

4. CB Damon Webb
Webb is tailor-made for Ohio State's new press coverage defense. He excels at physical football and according to Doran Grant, Webb has improved greatly since the first day of practice.

5. DE Aaron Parry
Parry walked on to the team this past spring and has sophomore eligibility. He was also a 1,000-point scorer in high school basketball.

6. DE Jalyn Holmes
Holmes is like Darius Slade, he looks the part. Neither freshman may be needed this season, but that obviously hasn't stopped them from working to see the field, and their coaches and teammates have noticed.

7. LB Sam Hubbard
Hubbard was a safety in high school and has been a linebacker, then a tight end, and now back to a linebacker at Ohio State. The fact that he lost his black stripe so quickly speaks to his athleticism and effort.

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