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Five Predictions for Kent State at Ohio State
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — After getting exactly none of my predictions correct in the first week, I was infinitely more correct in my Virginia Tech predictions by going three for five. This week the goal is to not go back down to zero. No worries, though, because I am not yet to the point of making obvious predictions just to get my percentages up. I went to a Big Ten school, so grades were never that important to me.

Will Johnnie Dixon see the field and find the endzone?
Photo by Jim Davidson

A true freshman will score a touchdown this week for the Buckeyes.
If I was truly desperate, I could have just said that a true freshman would score this week, and then I'd point at a Sean Nuernberger extra point and laugh in your face. Instead, I'm going to be a man about it and limit the scoring to touchdowns, though if a freshman gets a safety or a two-point conversion, I'm going to be pretty ticked.

I like Curtis Samuel's chances this weekend because I expect him to get more touches than he has in any other game. We should also see more freshmen playing against Kent State than in any other game, which makes this prediction more likely to come true this week than any other week before it.

Urban Meyer has said that both Johnnie Dixon and Noah Brown are close to seeing the field, and a blowout against Kent State should put them close enough to actually be on the field.

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