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Over-Analyzing the Updated OSU Football Roster
By Tony Gerdeman
COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Buckeye freshmen have finally been added to the Ohio State roster, which means that numbers and positions have been assigned for the most part. In terms of a football calendar, the addition of the freshmen to the roster is always an interesting and revealing day, and this year is no different.

Having pored over the roster, there are several things to note, and fortunately for you I have done just that below.

+ Linebacker Darron Lee is now listed as a redshirt freshman after being listed as a sophomore throughout the spring. I was told this winter that the University was awaiting word on whether or not his redshirt would be granted since he only played in two games last season before suffering a season-ending injury. That has obviously come through. This is actually very big news considering how well he played this spring.

+ In similar news, defensive tackle Michael Hill is still listed as a sophomore despite only playing in three of the first four games a season ago before losing the rest of his freshman year to an injury. However, it would be hard to imagine him not getting a fifth year if he wanted it.

+ A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the possibility of Sam Hubbard moving to tight end from linebacker, and the roster now confirms that move. He is listed at 6-foot-6 and 230 pounds, and with his athleticism he could become a dynamic playmaker in the future. He is currently wearing #4, which is the same number as freshman running back Curtis Samuel. Because the same number cannot be on the field at the same time, it's likely that either Hubbard will need to change his number or he is being redshirted this season.

+ Linebacker Kyle Berger will be wearing #44 this year. You might remember that number recently being worn by Zach Boren. If the Buckeyes could get the same type of impact from Berger as they did from Boren, they'll be thrilled.

+ Dante Booker is wearing #33, which hasn't seen the field at linebacker since James Laurinaitis left. Perhaps a new historic jersey number has been born.

+ Receiver Noah Brown has been given the #80, which has been worn by leading pass catchers Brian Robiskie and Fred Pagac in the past.

+ Parris Campbell is listed as a wide receiver and will be wearing #21 this season. That's a number that is normally reserved for defensive backs, but it's also the same number that Campbell had in high school.

+ Defensive end Jalyn Holmes is wearing #10 this year, which is apparently as close as he could get to the #11 that he wore in high school. Considering that the #10  is due to be retired eventually, Holmes could end up being the last Buckeye to ever wear it.

+ Malik Hooker has been given the #24. The last notable safety to wear this number was Roger Harper back in the very early 90s.
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