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Two-Minute Drill: Updates from Urban Meyer's Nov 2 Press Luncheon
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Urban Meyer and a pair of Buckeye assistant coaches spoke with the media on Monday. Here are the highlights.

Urban Meyer Updates

+ Meyer said that J.T. Barrett did not need to be suspended per OSU's rules and that it was Meyer's choice to suspend him for a game. He said he met with Barrett to get all of the facts. Barrett also lost his financial aid for the summer term, but he can get that back if he meets the proper standards.

+ Cardale Jones had a great week of practice last week and has been completely engaged. He's light years away from last year when he was thrust into a starting role.

+ Meyer said if Barrett is good enough and earned the right he'll be starting again when he returns, but he hasn't even thought about that right now.

+ Johnnie Dixon is out this week. Parris Campbell and Dontre Wilson are both questionable.

+ It's early in the week but there are conversations about using Braxton Miller at quarterback in the red zone more.

+ Meyer is fine with the noon kickoff for Michigan.

+ Meyer said he has been criticized for giving too many chances and that he will probably continue to do that, but there hasn't been many issues at Ohio State. He tries to put in the kind of discipline that doesn't bring further mistakes.

+ Meyer met with some older players about Barrett losing his captaincy and they were against it, so his thought right now is that Barrett will remain a captain.

+ Meyer expects Minnesota's best effort even after a tough loss.

+ Barrett came over to Meyer's house after. Meyer told Barrett that people are going to now question him because of this and doubt him and that he will have to work hard to get past this. He spent 20 years of doing right and three minutes of doing wrong and now people will view him differently.

+ Barrett was devastated when he came over to Meyer's the next day. Barrett's only concern was about the team. "He feels like he let the team down." Meyer received a text message at 6 a.m. with the news. "Then I went about the next six hours of dealing with it."

+ Barrett told Meyer that he didn't think he was over the limit "because I didn't help out that much." He said he was giving somebody else a ride home. Cardale Jones was not with him at the time.

+ As of right now Braxton Miller is the backup quarterback. "There's no question he's our No. 2 quarterback." They always have a package of plays for Miller at quarterback. They'll get him ready to go this week.

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