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Updates From the October 29 Urban Meyer Call-In Show
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Urban Meyer sat down for his weekly call-in show on the Ohio State IMG Sports Network on Thursday. Luke Fickell also stopped by for a few minutes.

Luke Fickell Updates

+ It took them a couple of minutes to settle down last week on defense, but they didn't have to do anything special or change anything. They knew Rutgers was going to pound the football and the mindset was to go in there and eliminate the run.

+ Raekwon McMillan is very steady as a true sophomore. They will continue to be hard on him and they expect him to respond accordingly.

+ When Joshua Perry and Darron Lee are in there together, they feed off of each other's confidence. They didn't have that continuity necessarily when Perry was out against Penn State.

+ The opportunities for Dante Booker and Chris Worley are going to be there throughout the season and they have to be ready, and they have been when they've been called upon.

+ Fickell had the linebackers over for dinner yesterday and that's always a great time of horsing around. "The group of guys that we have is awesome to be around. That's a big part of my family."

Urban Meyer Updates

+ J.T. Barrett is an excellent distributor and he makes the correct decisions based on what the defense is giving him. "He's getting better and better. He didn't look like J.T. in training camp." He lacked explosiveness as well. But they felt him getting back, which is why they increased his playing time, and then obviously he won the job outright.

+ Raekwon McMillan has been very solid this season. The style of defense demands that McMillan picks up those tackles, and he has done that. Luke Fickell has done a great job of developing Ohio State's linebackers. "It's hard to say that they're not the closest, tightest, most-prepared group on the team."

+ If there was another way they could get another Boren out of the Boren family, they would take him.

+ Meyer said last year's team was nine units strong down the stretch. The year before they were not. They found that missing ingredient in 2014.

+ Players will be off Friday, Saturday and Sunday after having a non-contact practice on Thursday.

+ Meyer said they don't do anything special to make sure Heisman voters notice Ezekiel Elliott, though he will ask at times how close Elliott is to 100 yards rushing.

+ They are playing more two tight end sets because Marcus Baugh has earned that right, plus the receiver injuries have forced their hand to do so.

+ Curtis Samuel has been fighting lower back injuries, which has limited him. Dontre Wilson continues to deal with a foot issue.

+ Meyer and Jerry Kill have known each other for "a long, long time." "He's a guy that when you watch teams play, they're tough and the play hard." He knows Kill very personally and said the football stuff can be way overrated when it comes time to taking care of your family.

+ The growth of Michael Thomas has been tremendous. "It could have turned any way." His family has been great and helpful. That can sometimes not be the case. "We have a fine player in Mike Thomas now."

+ On J.T. Barrett: "He just works so hard on his trade." He is constantly communicating with coaches and teammates. He's a coach on the field. He's tough. The level of play of everyone picks up around him.

+ "I'm not ashamed to say that we owe Braxton Miller." They are focused on getting him to the NFL as a receiver. "He's done everything we've asked and has been the most amazing guy to be around."

+ On running the ball well lately, "That's where it all starts." There will be some better rush defenses coming, so the Buckeyes are clicking at the right time.

+ Meyer said you won't hear him talking much about penalties, but the fact that they played a penalty-free game on the road was great. He doesn't want to slow his players down and worry about making mistakes. "I want them to play as fast and hard as they can. Effort overcomes everything."

+ Meyer likes to have recruits play multiple sports and he likes that his son plays two sports. He worries about kids burning out in single sports. "To each his own, though."

+ Ideally, they'd like to give the ball more to the tailback, but if the defense is taking that away on the read option, then the QB carries go up. They were also taking Ezekiel Elliott away just by pressuring the running game, which allowed OSU to hit some shots downfield.

+ The defense against Rutgers rebounded well from the first drive and held the Scarlet Knights inside their own 50-yard line until late in the game.

+ Meyer said Joel Hale and Mike Hill and Donovan Munger will continue to share the reps at nose tackle. There is a lot of pressure on Hill and Munger because next year they have to step up.

+ "Overall, to go on the road against a team that coulda, shoulda, woulda beat Michigan State...overall I was just really pleased with everything."

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