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Tyvis Powell is a Disappointed 'Goof'
By Patrick Murphy

 PHOENIX – Some people are serious, others lighthearted. Tyvis Powell is a goof.

“Let me get one thing straight here, Tyvis Powell is a goof,” Ohio State linebacker Joshua Perry said of his teammate. “There is nothing serious about him until it’s time to play ball.”

The Buckeye safety has an impressive résumé.

Powell's INT against TTUN is nothing short of legendary in OSU history
Photo by Dan Harker

Powell burst on the scene for the Scarlet and Gray in his first year with an intercepted two-point conversion to save the game against Michigan. The redshirt junior graduated from college in three years. A three-year starter, Powell was named a captain in 2015.

Yet the Buckeyes’ starting safety wasn’t one of the defensive players asked to speak to the media on Monday as part of the build up to Ohio State’s Fiesta Bowl game with Notre Dame.

“He told me to give him a shout out today,” Perry said.

Powell wanted to make sure his presence was still felt, as Perry wasn’t the only one he asked to mention him.

“Shout out to TP,” linebacker Darron Lee said. “He told me to send him a shout out and I told him I would. Shout out.”

The always-goofy Powell, who typically does speak at events because of how well he gets along with anyone asking him questions, appears to have been disappointed he didn’t get to take part this time around.

“I said, ‘Tyvis, you can go and speak to the media,’” Perry said. “He said, ‘No, I don’t want to do that. I just want a shout out.’ He said, ‘I don’t have to go. This is for all you superstars.’ I said, ‘Tyvis, you’re the one who saved the season a couple years ago up north and blah, blah, blah, whatever.’ So obviously [he’s] not here.”

Bitter much?

Joshua Perry was told by Powell to give him a shout out since he didn't get to speak on Monday
Photo by Dan Harker

Powell always jumps at the opportunity to be in front of a group and entertain. Whether it is on or off the field, he’s looking to make a play of some sort.

“Tyvis is probably the goofiest person I’ve ever been around,” Perry said. “He genuinely does not care about how goofy he is and I think that’s what makes him special.”

As Perry said, Powell knows when he has to switch gears and become serious, but how does his dynamic play out in a locker room?

“If you have 85 guys like that on the roster, nothing gets done. You don’t win very many games,” Perry said. “If you have zero guys like that on the roster, you probably don’t win a lot of games either because everybody’s so daggone uptight. But it’s always good to have a couple of guys like that around.”

Powell will have the opportunity to speak with and amuse those in attendance at the Fiesta Bowl Media Day on Wednesday. He will then have a chance to shine in front of the microphones and on Friday when the lights come on.

In what could be his final game in the Scarlet and Gray, Powell will be called upon to help slow down quarterback DeShone Kizer, wide receiver Will Fuller, running back C.J. Prosise, and the rest of the Fighting Irish offense that ranks 24th nationally in total offense and 31st in scoring.

Notre Dame is a really good team. They’ve got a bunch talent on their team,” Powell said back in Columbus.

“I do know that they’ve got a very athletic quarterback and he can throw that ball. He can throw that ball! He can make every throw. They’ve got the one wide receiver, No. 7… They’ve definitely got a good running game. They’re running back, 33, tough guy. He runs the ball pretty hard. So we’ve definitely got our hands full with a lot of weapons that they got.”

While Powell wasn’t there on Monday, the only way he will be disappointed Friday is if the favored Buckeyes don’t take care of business and win the final game of the season.

Make plays in that game and Powell will certainly be speaking with the rest of the “Superstars.”

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