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One particular question that some scouts have about Perry is regarding his lateral quickness. At 6-foot-4 and 250-odd pounds, that's not an uncommon concern for a player of his size.

According to Fickell, however, he doesn't see it as an issue.

"There is no concern for Joshua, intelligent people find a way to be successful," he said. "If there is a more intelligent guy out there, I would be curious to see him. Intelligent people find a way. So if he is a little bit lacking in the lateral movement then guess what? He will work on it and he will take better angles but that is what he does best. His gifts are obviously far-reaching, but maybe being 6-foot-4 and high-hipped and long legged is great for some things and the things that he might struggle on is a change of direction. It is nothing that he won't get better at."

As you would expect with how much Urban Meyer is focused on recruiting, tonight will be another opportunity for him and his staff to showcase the Ohio State football program to prospective recruits.

Because of this, OSU is sending recruiting director Mark Pantoni to Chicago to attend the draft, and even though Meyer doesn't exactly know what is going to happen, he knows it will be interesting.

"We will have someone there who will track guys and we will use that for recruiting," he said. "We’re pretty creative around here, and I don’t even know what Mark’s going to do. I imagine video will be involved."

One other staff member who will be in attendance is Kerry Coombs. This past season was the first time at Ohio State that he did not have a First-Team All-Big Ten cornerback on his watch, but having a player selected in the first round sure seems like an acceptable consolation.

"Well I’m going to be there and I’m going to be very excited and my feet are not going to hit the ground," he said. "It’s an incredibly exciting feeling for everybody associated with the Ohio State program. With our kids and their development and I think more than anything, how they’ve handled themselves. I continue to be impressed with the quality of their commentary, the way they handle themselves when I see them here with NFL people, the volume of the kids that came back on Saturday for the spring game. Everything about that class and really the Ohio State NFL thing is just to me very, very inspiring."

When defensive tackle Adolphus Washington was finishing up his senior season there was talk about him being an early second-round draft pick. Some legal trouble, followed by a rough outing at the NFL Combine and an injury-shortened Pro Day — as well as a very deep defensive tackle draft — have made that possibility unlikely at this point.

But that doesn't mean the feedback hasn't been positive.

"People are still really excited about Adolphus Washington," OSU defensive line coach Larry Johnson said. "They really are. Because he has what every NFL team is looking for. He can play three positions on the defensive line on the line of scrimmage. He can play 3-technique, he can play nose guard, or he can kick out and play a 5-technique defensive end. That's the thing he has. He's got great hips, he can rush the passer. When you got a guy that can go in and play third down and rush the passer in the pros, that's really good stuff to do. I think he's still valued. There are some teams looking at him that he'll have a chance."

Washington could be seen at Ohio State's practices this spring helping and working out at times. According to Johnson, Washington has worked through his struggles, and all with the goal of the NFL on his mind.

"He's done a good job," he said recently. "He's been here working out with me the last two weeks. He just went back to Cincinnati to do some things, had a couple meetings he had to go to. He's handled it very well. Adolphus is that kind of kid. He doesn't let it wear him down. He knows he has to press forward. The goal is to get in to the NFL. Doesn't matter where you get drafted. Once you get in, you prove who you are. It's not the first contract. It's the second one. I think he understands that."

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