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First Round Contracts Will Net Drafted Buckeyes Nearly $90 Million
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — It was a life's work come true for five former Buckeyes last night when Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott, Eli Apple, Taylor Decker, and Darron Lee were all selected in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

That life's work will now be rewarded in the form of NFL riches.

The NFL's rookie wage scale is slotted so that essentially everybody knows roughly what the draft picks will be paid, and based on where the five Buckeyes were drafted they can expect to sign contracts worth approximately $87,222,875 according to Forbes Magazine.

First round contracts are four-year deals with a team option for the fifth year. The only guaranteed money, however, is the signing bonus. If a player gets cut, the only money they will receive is what they have been paid to that point and their signing bonus. That generally isn't a concern for players selected in the first round, however.

Per Forbes, Joey Bosa — selected No. 3 overall — can expect a contract worth $25,882,931 and a signing bonus of $17,014,947. The total worth of the contract is just under $2 million less than No. 1 pick overall Jared Goff.

Ezekiel Elliott, taken just one pick after Bosa, will earn $24,965,720 over the life of his contact, with a signing bonus of $16,347,885. Eli Apple, taken with the tenth overall pick, will sign a contract worth approximately $15,163,008 with a signing bonus of $9,218,640.

Taylor Decker went No. 16 overall to the Detroit Lions, which is the middle of the first round, and his contract is valued at roughly $10,978,226 with a signing bonus of $6,175,162.

The final Buckeye selected in the first round was Darron Lee at the No. 20 spot. He can expect a deal worth around $10,232,990 with a signing bonus of $5,633,174.

If Forbes is accurate, the total value of the signing bonuses signed by the first round Buckeyes will be $54,389,808.

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