Established October 31, 1996
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5. Get good work from defensive tackles not named Adolphus Washington.
Everybody expects Adolphus Washington to be just fine at defensive tackle for the Buckeyes, but what is still unknown is what kind of play they get from guys like Joel Hale, Tommy Schutt, Donovan Munger, Michael Hill and Tracy Sprinkle. This may be the biggest issue on the team this spring, as the trenches are where football is at its most honest. Urban Meyer has built up every spot on this football team with his recruiting, but production from his defensive tackle recruits outside of Washington continues to be something that eludes him. The goal this spring is for that lack of production to begin dying off.

Bonus: Prep backup cornerbacks for rotation during the season.
Every year Kerry Coombs says the starting cornerbacks played too many snaps the year before. Having played 15 games this past season, you can guarantee he is going to say the same thing again. The goal this spring is to get four cornerbacks ready for two spots. The good news is that you'll have possibly three players — Gareon Conley, Damon Webb, and Marshon Lattimore — competing for the starting spot opposite Eli Apple. This will be good experience for all involved, and the two "losers" will still get plenty of reps with the twos throughout practice.

Bonus: Get a fight out of Warren Ball or Bri'onte Dunn.
Without knowing how much Ezekiel Elliott is going to be able to do this spring, the number of snaps for guys like Curtis Samuel, Bri'onte Dunn and Warren Ball will go way up. Samuel is only expected to get better, and he will likely be with the ones for the most part. New running backs coach Tony Alford will need to get something out of Ball or Dunn, and this being their first real chance to work with him, they should do everything in their power to make a good first impression. This may be their last best chance to show that they deserve carries during the season.

Bonus: No injuries.
Well, duh. I wouldn't even include this because it's just understood, but if I didn't, then everybody would mention it. So now you don't have to mention it.

Bonus: Keep the momentum that the team had in December and January.
While you don't want a team entering the spring wearing figurative crowns and thinking of themselves as entitled champions, you do want them hitting the spring with the same kind of confidence and mentality that carried them through the season last year. This may be a difficult balance, but this has always been where Urban Meyer has excelled.

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