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Issues Behind Him, Eric Glover-Williams Has Kerry Coombs Excited About the Possibilities
By Tony Gerdeman
Glover-Williams followed the path that OSU laid out for him, and now he is a Buckeye.

COLUMBUS — It hasn't been the smoothest path to Ohio State for Eric Glover-Williams, but the fact that he has made it to this point is a testament to just how badly he wanted to become a Buckeye.

Glover-Williams committed to play football at Ohio State prior to his junior season. In fact, he was the first commitment of the 2015 class, and he was also the first player to fax in his Letter of Intent back on Signing Day.

An electric playmaker at Canton McKinley, Glover-Williams played quarterback as a junior for the Bulldogs because that was what was best for the team. As a senior he played running back, rushing for 1,149 yards and earning First-Team All-State honors in the process.

In between his junior and season seasons, however, issues arose. In April, he was involved in a fight at school and nearly lost the opportunity that he had worked so hard to achieve. Due to the altercation, there was a time when many didn't think Glover-Williams would end up in this class at all.

Ohio State, concerned but not undaunted, laid down some ground rules following that incident, which Glover-Williams took to heart. The subsequent conversations that he would have with OSU cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs centered around maturity and accountability, and that message hit home.

"Absolutely, right in his face," Coombs said of those talks. "And you know what? I think he appreciates that. What I’ve learned about Eric is he’s a great look-you-in-the-eye-and-listen-to-you guy. He gets it. And so far, every single thing I’ve asked that kid to do along the way and along the journey, he has done. So my expectation is that that’s what he’s going to continue to do here at Ohio State. I’m excited about that."

While Coombs has asked him to take care of his business off of the field, he is also asking him to continue doing what he has always done on the football field — which is compete with relentless tenacity every single time the ball is snapped.

That shouldn't be too difficult for the senior from Canton.

"He came to Friday Night Lights, that is one competitive dude," Coombs said of Glover-Williams. "Two years ago, he’s at Friday Night Lights going against Damon Webb, it was an epic battle. On the field, every snap, one on ones, they are going to work. Guess what? He comes back this year, he plays corner, and he goes against the best receivers in the thing and he is a tremendous competitor."

That competition with cornerback Damon Webb, who will be a sophomore for the Buckeyes this coming season, has approached near-legendary status. That was the first real glimpse that most people got of the type of player that Glover-Williams could be.

Then last July he showed up and put on a show at cornerback, shadowing every receiver that was put in front of him. Sometimes he won, sometimes he lost, but never once did he back down.

"I am so excited about coaching him and what he’s going to bring to the room and to the team," Coombs said. "He and Damon Webb may be the two most competitive kids on the daggone field in the fall. I’m really excited about that."

Seeing the player that he was and the player that he could become convinced the OSU coaches that he could play at Ohio State. Watching the person that he became following his altercation, however, was ultimately what allowed him to become a Buckeye.

Ohio State stood by Glover-Williams, and Coombs believes that both the player and the team are better off for it. He also expects both parties to be rewarded for their efforts.

"I absolutely do," he said back on Signing Day. "I think that Eric’s learned a lot of great lessons in this process. I had a great conversation with him about that even last night, and I’m really excited to have a very explosive athlete out of the state of Ohio to come. And you know what Eric brings is swagger. Sometimes when you get swagger, you got some other issues that go along with it, and me and Eric are going to have fun with that along our journey, but he’s going to be something."

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