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Ranking Ohio State's Top 10 Playmakers on Offense
By Tony Gerdeman
Only Michigan's defense is in search of more Ohio State playmakers than Urban Meyer.

COLUMBUS — Urban Meyer has talked about how much fun he has every season coming up with a list of offensive playmakers on which to rely, and it is safe to say that things are more fun for him at Ohio State than they used to be.

His goal every year is to find at least 10 playmakers who need to touch the ball, but in 2012 when he arrived, that was easier said than done. Each year he has added more talent to the skill positions, and each year the list has gotten easier to come up with.

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Rather, it has become easier for him to come up with 10 players, but maybe not easier to decide the order of those 10.

It is with that thought that I decided to try and rank Ohio State's top 10 playmakers for this coming season myself, and found that too much of a good thing is a pretty serious problem, at least in regards to creating a top 10 list.

Over the next week or so we'll rank those top 10 players and profile each of them and what makes them the playmakers they are.

But today we'll take a look at those who didn't quite make the list.

20. WR Alex Stump, Fr.
Stump is a 6-foot-3 receiver with the ability to get open down the sideline. He was injured last season as a high school senior, but will be fine for the Buckeyes. Zach Smith raved about his speed and ability to get in and out of his cuts. Will he play this year? There may not be a need for him, but if so, he will start out on special teams.

19. TE A.J. Alexander, Fr.
Alexander is a very intriguing prospect because he has wide receiver speed and athleticism on a 6-foot-4 235-pound frame. He will line up at tight end and also flex out once he starts getting on the field. The Buckeyes need a second tight end to step forward and if Alexander shows that he can do that, then there's no reason he can't be the No. 2 tight end this season. The same would go for fellow freshman Rashod Berry.

18. WR K.J. Hill, Fr.
Hill was an Army All-American last year and was a pretty advanced receiver for a high schooler. Zach Smith calls him a dynamic player, and he and Chris Ash had to work hard to get him out of Arkansas. And while Smith lauds his speed, electricity, and desire to work hard, he said that he also loved Hill's "intangible value", and that's why they really targeted him in recruiting early on.

17. TE Marcus Baugh, rSo.
There is little doubt about Marcus Baugh's ability to make plays down the field or with the ball in his hands. Blocking and other fundamentals — as well as a solid depth chart — have held him back a bit until now, but that will need to change this year. With only one proven tight end on the roster, there is a job opening just begging for a guy who can make plays. Baugh's speed and athleticism are exactly what Urban Meyer looks for, and Meyer wants him to be a part of the 2015 offense.

16. RB Mike Weber, Fr.
Even though he is just a true freshman, Mike Weber is going to be battling for carries this season. He may not be the guy who can go 70 yards, but he is the kind of guy who can run somebody over and then pick up 25 yards after contact. Given how much this offense relies on power running, Weber should fit right in eventually.

15. RB Bri'onte Dunn, rJr.
Dunn had a fantastic spring, getting No. 1 reps while Ezekiel Elliott was held out for his wrist injury. Dunn only has 34 carries in his career, but has averaged 5.8 yards per carry in those 34 rushes. There is little doubt that he has felt pressure from Curtis Samuel and Mike Weber, and he responded in the proper way this spring. Dunn is a north-south runner, but has a burst when given some room.

14. QB Torrance Gibson, Fr.
Gibson is a wildcard here because the Buckeyes certainly don't need another quarterback on the field this year, at least not at the moment. Still, at 6-foot-4 and over 200 pounds and with 4.47 speed, there is always something that can be done to get that kind of ability on the field. Wherever he may line up, he has the kind of athleticism to make defenders nervous, even as a rookie.

13. WR Parris Campbell, rFr.
The Buckeyes are pretty set at H-back with Jalin Marshall and Dontre Wilson, as well as a Curtis Samuel here and there, but Parris Campbell will also get involved this season because he's too fast and explosive not to. He should also get some looks outside because of his ability to stress a defense with his speed.

12. WR Johnnie Dixon, rFr.
Had Johnnie Dixon not gotten injured last season, there's a pretty good chance he would already be in the top 10 of this list. Now, however, he is too unproven to warrant that kind of placement. That being said, the coaches loved him for a reason last year, and when he is healthy, he should be expected to find that same kind of love. He's a strong receiver for being 5-foot-11 and has the speed and wiggle to give cornerbacks trouble all game long.

11. WR Terry McLaurin, rFr.
McLaurin could absolutely wind up in the top 10 this season because of his speed and sure hands. He is a 4.4 receiver who can play out wide or in the slot. He has a definite ability to make people miss after the catch and can get fast really, really quickly. McLaurin impressed his teammates throughout the spring, and they will expect more of the same in the fall.

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