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Buckeye Football Notebook: 'He's really twitchy like I am'
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — When Chris Ash brought his defense to the Buckeyes in 2014 it was very dramatic change compared to what they had been doing.

Clearly it worked, but that doesn't mean the Silver Bullets have remained unchanged since that season. Each new year brings new tweaks and a better understanding, but a new coach brings even more changes. While the gist of the OSU defense is expected to be the same, Greg Schiano has already brought in some of his influences.

"Yeah, but I can’t really talk about it," linebacker Chris Worley said cryptically. "But yeah, there are some changes. Since I’ve been here we’ve tried to change the defense every year, you don’t want to get stuck on the same stuff. Got to change something."

One of those changes won't be rugby tackling, however, as that is here to stay.

While the defense focuses on a few changes here and there, the Buckeye offense has been focused on what worked best last year — tempo, tempo, tempo.

"Just getting into a rhythm and playing fast," Ed Warinner said of the biggest focus in camp. "Trying to be aggressive on offense, aggressive in tempo, aggressive in playcalling, aggressive in throwing the ball. Just an aggressive mindset at a fast tempo.

"We didn’t waste any time. We jumped right into tempo early. And obviously in these long practices we can’t do that the whole day, but we have certain segments where we emphasize the tempo and we mix it in there so it’s a way for us to be the aggressor on offense."

The up-tempo practice not only gets the offensive line in shape and sharpens quarterback J.T. Barrett, but it also allows more reps for the entire depth chart, on both sides of the ball. With enough tempo used throughout camp, you can basically get an extra practice out of it.

Page 2 — The freshman running backs; Justin Hilliard; and a renewed offensive symmetry.

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