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Five for Friday: Biggest Questions Answered by the Buckeyes So Far
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Even though the Buckeyes were ranked in the Top 10 to start the season, there was still a "wait and see" approach taken in order to see just how much Buckeye stock should be bought. After three games, however, it would seem that the buyers should have been a little more aggressive.

Ohio State entered the season with so many questions, and for the most part those questions have been answered — sometimes repeatedly. But what have been the five biggest questions answered so far this season?

Thank you for asking.

1. Curtis Samuel is what everyone said he was.

I'll break down the fourth wall around here for you by letting you know that some of the Curtis Samuel pieces we have written since the start of fall camp have been some of the worst-read stories of the last few months. My theory for the low numbers is that you weren't buying the hype because you have bought it before and you were still making payments on past hype purchases.

When Dontre Wilson was a freshman we wrote about him like he was a new invention that was going to change the sport forever. He played very well as a rookie, but football was still football and he hadn't really changed much of anything. Then we did it again when he was a sophomore, and you were like, "Yeah, okay."

Then came 2015 and the Braxton Miller experiment. You were cautious, but you bought in. Then after the Virginia Tech game we were all all-in. And then the rest of the season happened and we all wondered where our investment had gone.

So I don't blame anybody for slowplaying the Curtis Samuel hype train, but through three games it is clear that he was everything he had been built up to be by me. And probably Urban Meyer too. But mostly me. He's the most dangerous playmaker in the Big Ten and nobody will get the football in more ways this season. The craziest thing is that he might be the most selfless player in the conference as well.

Hype trains take on new passengers during bye weeks, so feel free to jump aboard.

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