Established October 31, 1996
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Report Card: Buckeyes vs. Maryland
By Tony Gerdeman

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — This was like one of those semesters where you were bribed by your parents or your school to get good grades. I remember one year our school bribed us with movie tickets, so that may have been my only time on the Honor Roll.

Well, after Ohio State's 62-3 win at Maryland, that Honor Roll just got a whole lot more crowded.

How does the report card look after the win over the Terps? Pretty impressive. This one's going on the fridge for sure.

(Note: Previous grades will be added once we have landed safely back in sunny Columbus.)

Quarterback: A+
J.T. Barrett completed 67% of his passes (18-27) for 253 yards with two touchdowns in a little over two quarters of play. He also rushed for 47 yards on 11 carries, scoring twice more. He continues to show why he is the Big Ten’s best leader.

Running Back: A+
Mike Weber had an easy day, leading the Buckeyes with 93 yards rushing on just a dozen carries. He also provided some solid blocking on Ohio State’s two-back looks. Freshman Demario McCall again came into the second half like he did last week and found some tough sledding, rushing for 53 yards and a touchdown on 13 carries.

H-Back: A+
At this point, if Curtis Samuel was to take a history test and get all of the answers wrong, you’d probably just have to rewrite history instead. There is nothing that he can’t do and he even does nothing really, really well. He finished with four rushes for 38 yards and two touchdowns, and caught five passes for 74 yards and a touchdown. Dontre Wilson also had three receptions for 47 yards, including a 33-yard touchdown. K.J. Hill also had five receptions for 62 yards. Whether you want to call him an H-back or just a normal slot receiver, he continues to produce.

Wide Receiver: A
The threat of the Ohio State wideouts has made the middle of the field a feasting area for the Buckeye offense. There wasn't a big number of catches for the wideouts, but they were still very involved. Freshman Binjimen Victor is trying to live up to his head coach's hype, and he had a couple of nice catches in this one.

Tight End: A
The Buckeyes are playing quite a few two tight end sets now and both Marcus Baugh and A.J. Alexander have performed well. Baugh caught two passes for 19 yards and was frequently moved around to gain a numbers advantage. All of the parts of the Ohio State offense are being used right now.

Offensive Line: A
This would be an A+, but the second unit offensive line had some issues. You can’t give somebody an A+ on a science test if they did half of the work nearly perfectly and then they let somebody else come in for the rest of the test and several times they write down that dolphins are the smartest freshwater fish in America. The first unit, however, was fantastic. J.T. Barrett had time to look for his third and fourth read it seemed like. I didn’t even realize there was a fourth read.

Defensive End: A+
There were no glaring issues for the Buckeye defensive ends. Tyquan Lewis had two tackles for loss, and we won’t penalize him for a missed sack because that’s just nitpicking. The defensive ends did a pretty great job of stretching everything out on the wide runs and passes, allowing the linebackers and secondary to make the plays. Also, how about freshman Jonathon Cooper getting his first career sack? Not bad.

Defensive Tackle: A+
Not that Maryland tried to run up the middle much, but there was no middle to run up into. Michael Hill and Dre’Mont Jones shut things down very well.

Linebacker: A+
Maryland came out and tried to throw their wide receiver screens and Chris Worley immediately killed those dreams. Raekwon McMillan led the Buckeyes with 10 tackles, two tackles for loss, and a forced fumble. He also had a sack, as did Jerome Baker. True freshman Malik Harrison added a sack as well. Together, the Buckeye linebackers and defensive line helped keep Maryland to just 43 yards rushing on 40 attempts.

Cornerback: A+
The OSU cornerbacks didn’t need to do much covering downfield, but they still did everything they needed to. They tackled well on the quick screens and shadowed a quick and talented receiving corps. Marshon Lattimore also added to his interception total.

Safety: A
The only knock here for the safeties is Malik Hooker getting beaten deep by Levern Jacobs inside the 10-yard line. You can’t knock Hooker too much, as he was caught looking into the backfield where most of the plays actually take place. Damon Webb added five tackles and helped lead an Ohio State secondary that gave up just one reception of more than 19 yards.

Special Teams: A
This would be an A+ but Tyler Durbin’s kickoffs weren’t as good as they should have been. The coverage was still excellent, however, holding Maryland to just 81 yards on five kickoff returns. Parris Campbell, meanwhile, averaged 29 yards on his two returns. The punting game was fine as well.

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