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Staff Picks: Ohio State at Maryland
By Tony Gerdeman

HAGERSTOWN, Md — First, our apologies for the lateness of this week's staff picks. Travel can be a real jerk sometimes. Second, my apologies for the brevity of this intro as this hotel has biscuits and gravy and meats and eggs and pancakes for breakfast, so I really, really want to go to bed so that I can wake up sooner!

Are the Buckeyes back? Will the staff want to wait and see it happen a second time before going all in? How much waiting and seeing can even be done against Maryland?

All this and more (!) will be answered below in this week's staff picks. At least I hope it's answered. I haven't seen anybody else's picks and I'm just getting ready to make my own. After you read ours, give us yours. The person closest to being correct will earn the admiration of themself.

Kyle Morgan
This is one of the more difficult predictions because we are not quite sure what offense will show up, but I like the way the Buckeyes are trending. Offensively, the Buckeyes should find success up the middle as the Maryland defensive line does not disrupt the line of scrimmage consistently. I see a big day on the ground for Weber and the rest of the running backs. Lets go out on a limb and say the Buckeyes get a 100 yard rusher this week!

Defensively, this will be the game that gets the defensive line going as we move towards the championship season. Maryland has given up the most sacks in the Big Ten, which is saying something, as they are a run heavy team and rely on screens to get the ball out quickly. I see a few Buckeyes with multiple sacks this weekend.

Maryland rotates a lot of running backs, so the defense will have to be alert to who is aligned in the backfield to eliminate the big play potential of Lorenzo Harrison or Ty Johnson. With questions at QB, the Buckeyes will also need to be alert to the athletic ability of Pigrome. He is a running threat first, so discipline from the edge rushers and LB will be crucial. The Maryland offense runs a number of screen plays, so tackling will be key from the defensive backs.

I see the Buckeyes continuing to roll towards a huge matchup versus That Team Up North.
Ohio State 45, Maryland 10

Caroline Rice
The Maryland Terrapins shouldn't present a big challenge for Ohio State. On paper, this looks like it will be another dominant Buckeye performance. The Terrapins offense has been able to put up a decent amount of points so far this season, but I don't see this happening against the Buckeyes. Ohio State ranks first in pass efficiency defense, second in red zone defense and third in scoring defense. I don't think the Scarlet and Gray will face much difficulty in this game. I'm predicting a lot of touchdowns and big defensive plays for the Buckeyes in College Park.
Ohio State 49, Maryland 17

John Porentas
Ok, I admit it, I forgot to send in my staff prediction, so I'm doing this at the very last minute before we leave for Maryland and I haven't given it a particularly large amount of thought. I do believe the Buckeyes are improving, and I also think the Terps are pretty banged up. Though this is a road game for OSU, I see this as a pretty decisive win for the Buckeyes.
OSU 41, Maryland 12

Tony Gerdeman
I think we're going to see J.T. Barrett throw the ball around in this one and put up one of those 200-yard first halves. Then the second half will feature a lot of Demario McCall running out the clock. I could see McCall hitting 100 yards this week. I'm thinking he has a chance to be the first true freshman running back to lead Ohio State in rushing in consecutive games since Maurice Clarett. I'm guessing Braxton Miller did it in 2011, but it's 11:18 pm and I'm not going to look that up.

Defensively, if the Buckeyes contain the screen passes then the Terps are going to have significant difficulty moving the ball. They have a couple of talented running backs who can make things happen, but I think Malik Hooker is going to be flying into the picture on a lot of outside runs. I don't see OSU holding Maryland to three points like Michigan did, or scoring 59 points like Michigan did, but I also don't ever see this game being in doubt.
Ohio State 45, Maryland 17

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