Established October 31, 1996
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Two-Minute Drill: Postgame Updates From Ohio State's 62-3 Win at Maryland
By Tony Gerdeman

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Urban Meyer and several of his Buckeye players spoke with the media following Ohio State's 62-3 win at Maryland. Here are the highlights.

Urban Meyer Updates

+ This is two weeks in a row now that the defense has played exceptionally well. They just keep playing hard.

+ The offensive line play is much better. Meyer feels good because they know what they're going to get from them now.

+ Meyer joked that they need to do a better job of getting the ball to Curtis Samuel more often. The offense has confidence when they see a defensive back press Samuel in coverage.

+ What should people make of back-to-back 62-3 wins for the Buckeyes? "November is here."

+ They've been dying to get Binjimen Victor the ball. He's got a great wing span and he's getting better with routes and understanding what he needs to do.

+ They took it easy on Mike Weber in the second half. He should be full go by next week. He's also a valuable blocker when they go with split backs. Meyer likes that package, which also comes with some triple option.

+ Curtis Samuel is a problem for defenses because he can do so many different things.

+ Meyer told the players after the game to go thank the fans who showed up away from home and showed great support. Ohio State is a unique place like that.

+ J.T. Barrett is outstanding right now, but it starts with the offensive line.

+ Demario McCall has a nice future at Ohio State. He needs to keep getting bigger and stronger.

+ The defensive line has been consistent all year. It helps to have the best defensive line coach in the nation.

Malik Hooker Updates

+ This is November and Hooker feels like the team took a different approach to the game. This is when teams make it or they don't.

+ Buckeyes are improving every week by focusing on the week at hand.

+ They knew the tunnel screens were going to be big, so they knew they had to eliminate those, and that's what the linebackers did.

+ The defensive line is "playing out of their minds right now." A bunch of unselfish guys.

+ Not allowing touchdowns: "We're just an unselfish defense." They just want three and outs.

+ Covering Curtis Samuel during the week helps him and makes the games a lot easier for the defensive backs.

+ Buckeyes said "enough is enough" following the loss to Penn State and they have tunnel vision right now. Young guys are taking it more serious than they have.

Billy Price Updates

+ Offense is playing at a high level right now. There's a lot of confidence in the offensive line.

+ Constant progress in November is huge. This is where championships are won and lost. You never want to take a step back in November.

+ Price sees a promising future on the offense. He got to see a lot of that in this game. It was good to see them out there finishing off the game.

+ Buckeyes took winning for granted a little bit before the Penn State game. "We were just so used to winning that it just came natural." They don't take winning for granted anymore.

J.T. Barrett Updates

+ The entire offense executed the game plan in this one.

+ Barrett thought he was "good" but had some balls he wishes he could have back.

+ The main thing in November is to go hard in practice and then execute on Saturdays. You hang your hat on Saturdays in November.

+ Joe Burrow played alright. The second-team offensive line was a little slugging. Barrett wanted Burrow to talk to the offensive line about it. He needs to do that and communicate. "You've got to talk it out." Burrow was talking to Barrett about it and Barrett told him to go tell the offensive line what he's seeing and what he's dealing with.

+ Michigan State will play their best next week. They're not worried about the Spartans' record. They know they'll play well.

+ Barrett can't root for Michigan to win even if it helps Ohio State.

+ Any time they see a one-on-one with Curtis Samuel out wide, they like their chances.

Jerome Baker Updates

+ The defense feeds off of Raekwon McMillan and Chris Worley. Baker has learned so much from them, including the effort that it takes to succeed.

+ Shutting a team down is nothing special, it's what they're supposed to do.

+ Baker started this season with the role of getting Chris Worley better through competition. There are so many examples at Ohio State of just waiting your turn and then making plays when you have the opportunity.

+ Baker thought he communicated a lot, but McMillan and Worley have pushed him in that regard as well. When he thinks he's played well, they tell him how he could have played better.

+ The defense is prepared for opposing offenses, that's why it looks like they know what plays are coming at times.

Ed Warinner Updates

+ Curtis Samuel plays with confidence and they have confidence in him, now they just have to continue finding ways to involve him that aren't predictable.

+ The reverse play was a play that they worked on and wanted to get it out there.

+ They've spent a lot of time developing the backups so they're going to let them go play and have fun. "They're one play away from playing for us."

+ Ben Victor and Demario McCall continue to show the coaches more and more every week. "Any time you can use those guys, we will."

+ Curtis Samuel a Heisman candidate? "The experts can decide that."

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