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Buckeye Breakdown: Man Versus Zone
By Kyle Morgan

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J.T. Barrett struggled for over three quarters on Saturday, largely due to the Man coverage the Wolverines played throughout much of the game. The lack of confidence and anticipation of Barrett’s throws have ultimately led to negative plays, whether it be a sack or a hurried throw for negative yards. With pressure bearing down off the edges, the quick timing routes have to be on point to prevent negative plays.

Versus the Wolverines, Barrett appeared to be playing tight and not nearly as decisive as he has shown in big games this season. Even his designed runs were a little bit slower than we have come to expect from the Buckeye captain.

Fortunately for OSU, Barrett found his groove on the final drive of the game as he was able read the field a little better and the offensive line provided good throwing lanes. What stands out on film is the confidence and patience Barrett showed in the pocket in the final minutes. He was able to step into his throws, but more importantly, he was able to anticipate his throws.

Ohio State had 137 yards of total offense in the fourth quarter. Over the first three quarters they managed just 143 yards.

In this edition of Buckeye Breakdown: Man Versus Zone, we take a closer look at the evolution of J.T. Barrett throughout The Game. Let us also collectively scratch our heads as to why Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown went away from their strength as a defense (Man Coverage), which coincidentally was a weakness for Barrett on Saturday, in lieu of a soft zone which provided a struggling offense a much needed spark.

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