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Buckeye Breakdown: The Silver Bullets
By Kyle Morgan

(You can follow Kyle Morgan on Twitter at @NoHuddleScouts.)

By now there has been plenty of reveling in the big win a little and it remains no secret that the Ohio State defense played arguably their best game of the season to secure the victory. Furthermore, the linebacker unit for the Buckeyes played the game of their collective lives.

Raekwon McMillan was able to play a true middle linebacker role against a pro-style offense, tallying 16 tackles on the day. Jerome Baker stood out all game long with his speed and instinctive play and ended the day with 15 tackles and one sack, while Chris Worley finished with 11 tackles.

Throughout the season, the dominant Ohio State defense has been able to pressure opposing quarterbacks with the defensive line, allowing the linebackers to play “spy” roles or fall into the secondary as extra defenders. With the pro-style offense of the Wolverines and no threat of a running quarterback, the Buckeye linebackers were able to pin their ears back and pressure the interior of the offensive line, which was the most vulnerable part of that highly-touted group.

The Silver Bullets blitzed more than they have all season long on Saturday afternoon. The pressure didn't always result in a sack but it did prove to be effective in forcing turnovers. The aggressive play of the linebackers also contributed to holding That Team Up North to 91 yards rushing and 2.1 yards per attempt, well under their average heading into the game of 235 yards per game and 5.0 yards per attempt.

In this edition of Buckeye Breakdown: The Silver Bullets we take a closer look at the effectiveness of the linebacker blitz versus the Wolverines, as well as the stellar individual play of Raekwon McMillan, Jerome Baker, and Chris Worley, and the havoc they created last Saturday.

Player profiles relevant to story:
17 - Baker, Jerome | 35 - Worley, Chris
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