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Buckeye Football Notebook: 'What we're going to do is going to be written in the history books'
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Anybody who watched Ohio State's 30-27 double-overtime win against Michigan saw the mass of humanity and the chaos down on the field after the game. Tens of thousands of fans and tens of tens of Ohio State football players celebrated as one, singing, hugging, and basically just enjoying each other's company.

Aside the from the tens of thousands of fans, things weren't much different in the OSU locker room when the players were finally able to get there. So leave it to the Buckeyes' leader -- quarterback J.T. Barrett -- to be somewhat introspective when he arrived to greet his teammates.

"I didn't do a lot of thinking, honestly," he said. "I just looked around and, man, that just happened. We just played the team up north football in double overtime and we just won.

"So, I don't know, I think that's why you play the game of football for moments like this because all the training we go through, all the workouts and yelling and screaming, I mean, this is why we play the game for moments like this against your rivals and a great atmosphere for college football and for your teammates. And I think that was just something that we shared right there, that let our seniors go out with a bang. Those guys got five gold pants. Five. Some people don't even get one. But the fact that they got five, that's truly a blessing. And I was just very thankful that I could be a part of this."

For a lot of Buckeyes, this was their final time playing on the Ohio Stadium field, and they got to do it against their rivals. And then they were part of beating those rivals in a classic game that may have no equal in the rivalry.

Asked where this win ranks for senior captain Pat Elflein, he didn't hesitate to answer. This one was important to him for a number of reasons.

"It’s up there," he said. "If it’s not first, it’s tied for first. It’s Senior Day, all the emotions that go along with this week, rivalry week. My family is going to be on the field, senior tackle, a lot of emotions go into this week and you run out onto the field, give my mom some roses before the game.

"After the game I got to go up and lifted my sister and mom and brother onto the field and they were crying. It’s just an experience that’s never going to be forgotten in my family. My grandpa was there, he hasn’t been to a game in a long time, but he told me three years ago he was coming to the one on Senior Day, your last game in The Shoe, and the weather was good for him and he got to hear ‘Elflein’, that’s his name you know, running across the field, and for the crowd to applaud. It couldn’t be any better."

It wasn't just the grizzled fourth and fifth-year veterans who were finding themselves reflecting on where this win ranks for them. For redshirt sophomore defensive end Sam Hubbard who sat out the 2014 season as a true freshman, there was no doubt.

"Shout out to Buckeye Nation," he said. "That was the greatest win I’ve ever been a part of and the best environment I’ve ever been in, so thank you. I’m just so happy to be a part of it and to have the outcome that we had.

"I think it really put it into perspective talking about the '06 game so much this week and the other former players saying that this is our legacy game. That put a lot of things in perspective and the fact that we’re part of this game and the fact that what we’re going to do is going to be written in the history books is a big factor in the way we played."

Player profiles relevant to story:
6 - Hubbard, Sam | 16 - Barrett, J.T. | 65 - Elflein, Pat
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