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Two-Minute Drill: Ohio State Player Updates - Nov. 14
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Running backs coach Tony Alford and a handful of Buckeyes spoke with the media on Monday afternoon to preview the upcoming matchup with Michigan State. Here are the highlights.

Tony Alford Updates

+ If you watch a full game of everything that Curtis Samuel can do you can't help but be impressed by what he is capable of and his understanding of football. He also finishes plays like Ezekiel Elliott did.

+ Curtis Samuel is the vision of the H-back position at Ohio State. He can get the ball in any number of ways. "He's earned it."

+ Mike Weber is in pain. The injury is a painful one but there is plenty of motivation for him to go out there and play through the pain. There is no question about his toughness. He's just following along with the running back culture that has been built at Ohio State.

+ Demario McCall is getting better all the time. Not sure if he'll play more, but they're gaining more trust and faith in him.

Raekwon McMillan Updates

+ Michigan State can create a new line of scrimmage with their offensive line, so the Buckeyes can't allow that.

+ MSU's running backs are good and have been playing very well of late.

+ The MSU offensive line gets to the second level very well and they can get their hands on linebackers.

+ He's blocking out all of the playoff scenarios. They can't control what happens, only what they do in their next two games.

+ What would he do if he was on the playoff comittee? "If I was on the playoff committee I wouldn't be on the playoff committee."

Pat Elflein Updates

+ Buckeyes have the same focus they do every week. Have to or else you'll lose.

+ Having experiences against Michigan State helps that focus. "Records don't matter in this game."

+ Every game Ohio State plays they have a huge target on their backs. They know a win for MSU will make their season.

+ Meyer has been using the MMA as a motivator this week. "You have one swing." The Buckeyes have to hit MSU flush and square.

+ Michigan State's program and players reminds him of Ohio State. Same kind of mentality and work ethic.

Billy Price Updates

+ Echoing the MMA theme, the Buckeyes have one shot and it's on Saturday and that's what their focus is.

+ You work in the offseason to make sure you don't lose seven in a row like Michigan State.

+ Price has no concerns about the playoff scenarios because if he doesn't block the guy in front of him then scenarios don't matter.

+ On MSU: "They're cut from the same fabric we are."

+ Both Price and Pat Elflein are in the running for offensive line awards nationally but he said they don't view that as a competition. They do view Buckeye Leaves and knockdowns as a competition. Friendly, of course. Leaves and knockdowns are more important than trophies.

+ Can an OSU player root for Michigan if it helps Ohio State? "No. No. No."

+ What was he thinking when he saw Marcus Baugh hurdle over a tackler? "Stay on the ground." Price said Baugh is too big to be doing stuff like that.

+ On Michigan State: "They're just a thorn in our neck. They're a pain to play."

Tyquan Lewis Updates

+ No thoughts about the playoffs. They're just focused on Michigan State all week long.

+ They're not talking about last year's game. Just talking about this week.

+ The only objective for Ohio State right now is to win this game.

+ They refocused after the PSU loss and learned to enjoy the little things about winning. What little thing does Lewis enjoy? Time. The time he has with this team is special and they only have 13 games or so together.

+ Sam Hubbard is a great athlete. All of the defensive ends bring something different to the table.

+ Mike Hill is huge for them because he eats up double teams and that's how other players on defense make plays.

+ Lewis was so happy last week for Jonathon Cooper getting a sack. He was happier than Cooper. It meant a lot to Lewis. He feels like he's known Cooper his whole life.

+ Asked which former Buckeye he'd like to go against in practice, Lewis said Orlando Pace.

Sam Hubbard Updates

+ Mike Hill is unselfish and the best player in the nation at what he does.

+ The defense is blitzing less because the front four is so effective at creating pressure. Teams have to game plan against their pass rush because it's so effective.

+ Not worried about playoff scenarios or the Big Ten Championship Game. Only worried about controlling what they can control. Just have to play really well the next two games.

+ Michigan State will play them hard no matter what. They always do. They're getting better each week.

+ MSU losing seven games in a row means that they will really, really want this one.

J.T. Barrett Updates

+ Michigan State games are always tough and go down to the wire.

+ In 2014 Barrett was prepared very, very well for the MSU defense. He had a good week of practice and got good looks from the defense as well.

+ Buckeyes didn't get positive yards on first down last year against MSU, which put them behind the chains constantly.

+ "If I can't control something, then I don't put a lot of stress or worry into it."

+ If OSU wins out, the committee isn't going to leave Ohio State out. "That's how I see it. That doesn't make sense to me." Barrett feels good with what Ohio State has on their resume'.

+ The passing game success is due to defensive schemes and the receivers showing their unselfishness with perimeter blocking. The receivers haven't changed. They've done better at getting open, but nothing drastic.

+ Barrett said it can be frustrating to just be a blocker out wide and not get the ball, but there's a lot that goes into a completion. It depends on the coverage more than getting open. Coverage changes who the primary read is.

+ The young guys on offense are getting reps and experience and that helps them develop. It also helps the offense to find spots for them. It builds depth toward the end of the season.

+ Demario McCall has a lot of flashes but he needs to go hard all the time. He doesn't do that yet, like if he thinks the ball isn't coming to him.

+ Michigan State has an aggressive defense that forces you to take shots downfield. They try to apply pressure and keep you behind the chains so that you are in a lot of third-and-long situations. That's what they've done every time Barrett has seen them.

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