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Buckeye Breakdown: Offensive Evolution
By Kyle Morgan

(You can follow Kyle Morgan on Twitter at @NoHuddleScouts.)

The Ohio State offense came alive Saturday night to the tune of 590 yards, but more importantly, they showed the ability to evolve as a unit.

If you recall, Wisconsin ran an efficient version of a “jet sweep” to Jazz Peavy for big yardage before the Buckeye defense adjusted the way they defended the play. The speed of the motion coupled with the speed of the hand off is what creates the advantage on the edge.

Ohio State runs their own version of the “Jet Sweep” through the use of a touch pass, ultimately slowing down the motion player and allowing the defense to gain leverage on the edge.

In the matchup versus Nebraska, the Ohio State coaching staff stole a page from the Wisconsin playbook and utilized their best offensive weapon, Curtis Samuel, in a “Jet Sweep” with Barrett under center which created a speed advantage to the outside and put the wide receivers and Jamarco Jones in a position to succeed.

More importantly, the coaching staff showed the willingness to change their approach on particular plays thus keeping the Buckeyes ahead of the chains. (Note: there were ZERO slow developing option plays used in the dismantling of Nebraska.)

This week's Buckeye Breakdown: Offensive Evolution takes a closer look at the minor changes that made a drastic improvement to a play that has hurt the Buckeyes more than it has helped in recent memory.

Player profiles relevant to story:
4 - Samuel, Curtis | 74 - Jones, Jamarco
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