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Buckeye Breakdown: The Difference One Week Made for Isaiah Prince
By Kyle Morgan

(You can follow Kyle Morgan on Twitter at @NoHuddleScouts.)

It is no secret that Isaiah Prince struggled versus Penn State two weeks ago as he was “credited” with 14 pressures to J.T. Barrett. Last week in the game against Northwestern, Prince was the highest graded offensive lineman in all of college football per Pro Football Focus. The Ohio State right tackle did not allow a single QB pressure in 35 drop backs while grading well in the running game too.

So what changed in one week? Urban Meyer stated he would offer help to Prince in the form of TE or RB help, but in a majority of the two TE sets, Branden Bowen was aligned to the opposite side next to Jamarco Jones.

It was clear Prince worked on technique during the week leading up to Northwestern. When Prince is aggressive in his set, and is able to get his hands on the defender first, his effectiveness improves drastically. The sophomore needs to continue to utilize his arm length to disrupt the defenders while keeping his 6’7” frame compact when engaged.

The new and improved Isaiah Prince is just what this team needs to help the passing game moving forward. J.T. Barrett, like any quarterback, operates best with a clean pocket with time to progress through reads. The success of the passing game will hinge on the consistency of Prince and his ability to control the edge.

In this edition of the Buckeye Breakdown, we take a closer look at the minor adjustments that made a major impact for Isaiah Prince.

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