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Buckeye Breakdown: Through the Eyes of J.T. Barrett
By Kyle Morgan

(You can follow Kyle Morgan on Twitter at @NoHuddleScouts.)

You’ve heard a lot about Cover 3 from the coaching staff, and even J.T. Barrett himself, when talking about the recent struggles of the Ohio State passing attack. The fact is, the defenses have taken away the deep threats of late leaving OSU with a heavy dose of short passes over the middle and check-downs to the flats.

Just a few short weeks ago we were blaming Zach Smith for spending too much time on Twitter and criticizing Barrett’s abilities as a quarterback. In reality, Barrett was growing as a quarterback and learning to take what the defense gives.

Barrett spoke to the idea of his growth as a QB after the Nebraska game. “The past two weeks I think I was seeing the defenses well and trying to do my best to make great decisions out there. We were taking shots down field because the coverage allowed us to do that…”

After a phenomenal performance Saturday night versus Nebraska, any questions about the abilities of J.T. Barrett or his decision-making ability need to be put to bed. Barrett showed the poise and maturity needed of a championship-caliber team.

This edition of Buckeye Breakdown: Through The Eyes of J.T. Barrett illustrates the decisions made by the coaching staff, and Barrett, that opened up the passing lanes against a Cover 3 or Cover 4 look. Says Barrett, “They were playing aggressive with the safeties once again. That’s when we get shot plays, when they’re aggressive with the safeties.  We came out at halftime and we scored on the first play. Then they went to cover three and took that way…”

Looks like another adjustment will be required once opposing teams continue to get gashed by Barrett and the rest of the Buckeye offense.

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