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Buckeyes Getting Ready for Tommy Armstrong with Unusual Choice of Scout Team Quarterback
By John Porentas

COLUMBUS — It's no secret. If you want to stop the Nebraska offense, you have to stop dynamic quarterback Tommy Armstrong.

Armstrong is the total offense leader for the Huskers having amassed 2,183 total yards this season. 1,764 of those yards have come as a passer, 419 as a runner. He is averaging 272.9 yards per game and has scored a team-leading seven touchdowns. 

Armstrong's passing numbers are impressive, so it's a bit of a surprise that in preparation for the Huskers the Buckeye scout team has been quarterbacked not by freshman Dwayne Haskins, who at 6-2,220 has a similar build and skill set to the 6-1, 220 pound Armstrong, but rather by 5-9, 175 pound defensive back Eric-Glover Williams. That's because Armstrong is commanding a lot of respect as a runner from the OSU defensive brain trust.

"Just keeping the quarterback contained, him getting down the field with his legs basically, just like we were concerned with Baker Mayfield basically," said starting corner back Marshon Lattimore discussing preparations for Armstrong and drawing a comparison to Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfied.

"It’s kind of the same thing. They have good receivers on the outside too," Lattimore said.

"Him making plays with his legs, that’s what we really need to be worried about. We’ll figure it out."

Enter Glover-Williams, who has been a special teams demon this year, but strictly a defensive player since his arrival on campus. In high school, however, Glover-Williams was a first team Division I running back in Ohio, having rushed for 1,149 yards a senior. He also played some quarterback, and those two reasons combined are why the Buckeyes are using him to emulate Armstrong. 

The Buckeyes are focused on Armstrong's running ability, but they aren't forgetting about him totally as a passer either, and remarkably Glover-Williams has been able to give the Buckeye defense at least a decent look at Armstrong as a passer as well.

"He's completed some passes," said Lattimore of Glover-Williams this week.

"We’ll see how it pans out, but right now we think we have a nice little game plan."

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