Established October 31, 1996
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Report Card: Buckeyes vs. Nebraska
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Ohio State's 62-3 win over Nebraska was one of those tests that end up being placed on the refrigerator by a proud parent for all to see.

Meanwhile, the C+ grade on the Biology exam that the middle kid got two weeks earlier gets covered over, creating the kind of rift that can tear a family apart.

Don't worry, I don't think there will be many C+s here today.

Quarterback: A+
J.T. Barrett wasn't perfect, missing several deep balls. He did lead the Buckeyes to a score on every single drive, however, so that's about as perfect as a quarterback can be. He completed 26-of-38 passes for 290 yards and four touchdowns. Joe Burrow went 6-for-6, throwing for 62 yards of his own, and rushing for a touchdown.
Previous: BG A-; Tulsa B-; OU A; Rut A; Ind C; UW A-; PSU B; NW A

Running Back: A
Mike Weber was playing well before leaving for the game due to a slight shoulder ding. Demario McCall filled in well, running the ball when the defense knew he was running the ball. He didn't have the freedom of movement that Weber did. Together they rushed for 145 yards on 27 carries.
Previous: BG A; Tulsa A-; OU A+; Rut A+; IU B+; UW B+; PSU B; NW A

H-Back: A+
Curtis Samuel was awesome. Together, Samuel, Dontre Wilson, and K.J. Hill caught 17 passes for 247 yards. That's pretty, pretty good. Nothing more needs to be said.
Previous: BG A+; Tulsa A+; OU A+; Rut A+; IU A+; UW A; PSU A; NW A-

Wide Recever: B
No wideouts caught more than an 8-yard pass against Nebraska, but they did their jobs in other ways, like blocking and running the defense off to create spacing. This grade might be generous based on lack of production, but the middle of the field was just so open that J.T. Barrett had little reason to go away from it.
Previous: BG A; Tulsa B-; OU A+; Rut A+; IU C; UW C; PSU F; NW C+

Tight End: A+
The tight ends blocked well, sealing edges for the running game. Marcus Baugh (4-35) and A.J. Alexander (3-24) combined for seven receptions for 59 yards. They caught passes over the middle of the field and also in the flats. If I had more time, I'd go back and look to see the last time OSU had seven completions to tight ends.
Previous: BG A-; Tulsa C+; OU A; Rut A; IU D+; UW B-; PSU D; NW B-

Offensive Line: A+
The OSU offensive line created 5.7 yards per carry, with many of those carries coming when the game was already over and the defense was expecting it. They also kept J.T. Barrett clean. His uniform won't even need to be washed. It can all be hung back up in the closet.
Previous: BG A+; Tulsa B-; OU A; Rut A+; IU A-; UW B-; PSU F; NW A-

Defensive End: B
I'm going with a 'B' here because I didn't watch close enough to see if this should be better. No, there were no sacks, but Tommy Armstrong was contained throughout the game. They probably should have gotten to Ryker Fyfe a couple of times, however. Sam Hubbard did lead the team with five tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss.
Previous: BG B; Tulsa A+; OU A+; Rut A; IU A+; UW A-; PSU C; NW C-

Defensive Tackle: A+
There was no middle for Nebraska to run through. There wasn't even a side of the middle. Mike Hill had two tackles and both came in the backfield. Dre'Mont Jones was active. Robert Landers got some pressure again for the first time in a while. Nebraska rushed for 78 yards on 24 carries. It was their first time under 100 yards rushing in over a year.

Previous: BG B-; Tulsa A; OU A; Rut A+; IU A; UW C; PSU C-; NW C

Linebacker: A
Raekwon McMillan and Chris Worley both had a pass breakup in this game, with McMillan's leading to a pick six by Damon Webb. It wasn't a big tackle day for any of the linebackers simply because the Huskers only ran the ball 24 times.
Previous: BG B; Tulsa A-; OU A-; Rut A; IU A-; UW B-; PSU C; NW C

Cornerback: A+
This was almost just an 'A' because of Gareon Conley's pass interference, but that shouldn't detract from the game that he and Marshon Lattimore and Denzel Ward had. It may have been their most complete game. Nebraska completed just 9-of-33 passes, and 58 of their 126 yards came on 1) Damon Webb; and 2) a tipped pass. They dominated and ran step for step with numerous deep routes.

Previous: BG A-; Tulsa A+; OU A+; Rut A+; IU B; UW B; PSU B; NW A+

Safety: A+
I wonder what the winning percentage of a team is when they return two interceptions for touchdowns in the same game. Damon Webb and Malik Hooker both had pick sixes, but remember that both interceptions came via the tip, so they were able to act quickly and catch the tip, and then compose themselves well enough to head for the sideline return. Also, how about some props for freshman Jordan Fuller for his team-leading five tackles, as well as junior Erick Smith and his four tackles.
Previous: BG A+; Tulsa A; OU A; Rut A+; IU B; UW C; PSU B-; NW D

Special Teams: B+
Any time you muff a punt and lose possession you can kiss an 'A' goodbye. That muff, however, was the only negative on the day, assuming you don't live for Ohio State punting, of course. The Buckeyes held Nebraska to 16 yards per kickoff return and Tyler Durbin went 2-for-2 on field goals.

Previous: BG C+; Tulsa A-; OU B-; Rut A; IU A-; UW A; PSU F-; NW C-

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