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Two-Minute Drill: Postgame Updates From Ohio State's 62-3 Win Over Nebraska
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Urban Meyer and a handful of coaches and players spoke to the media following the Buckeyes' dominating 62-3 win over Nebraska Saturday night. Here are the highlights.

Urban Meyer Updates

+ "Wow, I didn't see that one coming."

+ Just goes to show the wear and tear that back-to-back road night games can do to you.

+ Meyer said he's a pretty greedy guy and J.T. Barrett played well, but he missed some throws.

+ "Curtis (Samuel) was outstanding. He's a giant piece of the puzzle."

+ Meyer was calm throughout the week, but said he had taken acting lessons because he wasn't as calm and confident as he appeared.

+ Damon Webb's interception return for a touchdown was a great momentum starter. They rode it from there. "We didn't punt, did we?"

+ The last couple of weeks they have really worked hard to script the best 12 plays they have, and it has worked the last two games, culminating in touchdown drives each time.

+ Playing this week in November: "It is a little relief." He saw some explosiveness out of his receivers and running backs.

+ Mike Weber has an AC sprain but he's fine. They kept him out as a precaution.

+ "Boy, Demario (McCall) looked great, didn't he?" McCall will probably be the punt returner moving forward.

+ How does this game happen? Because college football is played by a bunch of 18 and 19-year olds. "When the youth grows up, it's kind of cool."

Nebraska Head Coach Mike Riley Updates

+ The game looked "very strange" to him. They weren't loose. They were tight early. "But the fact of the matter is that we really couldn't do a lot offensively and we couldn't get them off the field defensively."

+ At halftime he stressed fixing their fundamentals because they were lacking in a lot of areas. "We needed to get back to being able to play football and run a play whether it was offense, defense, or special teams."

Marshon Lattimore Updates

+ The Damon Webb pick six gave the team momentum right away, and that's what they try to do every game.

+ Any kind of defensive score gives momentum to the team and that is always their goal.

+ They knew going in that Nebraska was going to attack them deep. They weren't surprised because Tommy Armstrong has a strong arm.

+ Lattimore said he sensed this coming.

+ Are the Buckeyes back? "We didn't go nowhere."

+ The decision to rotate Gareon Conley in at the nickel with Damon Arnette wasn't a benching or anything like that, it was just another way to defend an offense. They wanted to try something new and worked on it during the week. "We know that teams are going to attack us in the slot."

Curtis Samuel Updates

+ "We played a good game today. Everything was clicking." The Buckeyes didn't do anything differently, it was the execution.

+ If a defense allows them to throw the ball deep, as they showed tonight, they'll throw it deep. If the defense is trying to stop that, they're fine throwing it short and picking up 10, 20, or 30 yards.

Jamarco Jones Updates

+ It feels good to get the offense going like this.

+ "We had a good game plan." The execution was the key.

+ "It's a ton of fun to go and let loose and play with your teammates."

+ It was great to get back home in front of an electric crowd. "They all came out. We were able to feed off them early."

+ When Tommy Armstrong went down, that was right by the offensive line. You pray for him and hope everything is going to be alright, but at the same time, you still have a game to play. It was great to see him come back to the sideline later in the game.

+ "We had a rough game a couple of weeks ago and that's not who we are." We executed well tonight.

J.T. Barrett Updates

+ The key tonight was good execution, next to the offensive line.

+ Barrett was able to distribute the ball and when the offensive line blocks the way they did, winning is easy.

+ Tim Beck did a great job of preparing him for this game.

Sam Hubbard Updates

+ This was a great week of practice leading into the game.

+ It was their best week of practice and best week of coaching.

+ The team was well prepared and they came in with a great attitude. "College football is there for the taking and we really had to step up tonight and make a statement."

+ The Damon Webb pick six was a great start to the game. Couldn't ask for anything better. Raekwon McMillan made that play and then they rallied around him.

Tim Beck Updates

+ On J.T. Barrett's play: "All the great ones miss some. You have to keep trying and keep swinging." Barrett hit it in the second half.

+ On coaching against his former team: "It was special for me, being here as long as I was. It was a great place."

Ed Warinner Updates

+ He did not see this coming. It was a good week of practice, but you don't expect this.

+ "We had put together good games earlier in the year and it was time to put another one together."

+ Give credit to the offensive coaches and players for a great week of practice and the preparation that it took to play like this.

+ Nebraska was heavily committed to trying to stop the run game, but that gave them opportunities down the field. He was very happy about the 75-yarder to Curtis Samuel.

+ They wanted to spread Nebraska out and run tempo, which they did well. They were able to stay on the field and convert third downs. "I don't know, did we punt?"

+ Nebraska went to a prevent coverage when the Buckeyes had some success downfield, which opens up everything underneath.

+ "It wasn't windy out, either. It wasn't 25 mile an hour winds. Sometimes you guys forget in 25 mile an hour winds, it's hard to throw a 55-yard ball accurately."

+ On J.T. Barrett: "He's back in his groove as far as hitting the deep ball."

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