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Buckeye Breakdown: The Curtis Samuel Effect
By Kyle Morgan

(You can follow Kyle Morgan on Twitter at @NoHuddleScouts.)

The Ohio State coaching staff has stated they are utilizing Curtis Samuel exactly as they have planned thus far. With the lack of touches for Samuel in recent weeks, a quote like this may leave one scratching their head and wondering if they are watching the same game as the everybody else.

After reviewing the game versus Northwestern, I am convinced that the coaching staff, in fact, is utilizing Samuel they best they can at the moment.

Samuel is most dangerous when lined up next to Barrett, as he will be matched-up versus a linebacker as opposed to split wide and draw a defensive back in coverage. The Buckeyes can run a variety of plays out of this formation, as well as open up running lanes for J.T. Barrett to stress the linebackers and safeties of the defense with inside runs.

This week’s Buckeye Breakdown takes a deeper look at the “go-ahead” touchdown drive early in the fourth quarter. The Buckeyes went to their bread and butter, Zone Read with Power, and Samuel as a focus of the offensive play-calling. The Buckeye offense made safe throws, rolling the pocket at times, and used Samuel to set up the biggest play of the game.

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