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Report Card: Buckeyes vs. Northwestern
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Well, at least the Buckeyes won on Saturday, so for that they get a passing grade. Unfortunately, we're not pass/fail here.

Quarterback: A
J.T. Barrett was 21-for-32 passing for 223 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. He also rushed for 71 yards. He did exactly what he was coached to do and he made the plays at the end to get it done.
Previous: BG A-; Tulsa B-; OU A; Rut A; Ind C; UW A-; PSU B

Running Back: A
Mike Weber only had 14 carries, but he rushed for 87 yards and scored twice. He never lost a yard and picked up tough yards throughout. Averaging 6.2 yards per carry will always get it done.
Previous: BG A; Tulsa A-; OU A+; Rut A+; IU B+; UW B+; PSU B

H-Back: A-
The minus is mostly due to Dontre Wilson's four touches for two yards, but Curtis Samuel wasn't as productive as he has been in the past either. Aside from a 23-yard rush, Samuel picked up just eight yards on his six other carries. He did have seven receptions for 68 yards, but that's a disappointing average relative to his ability. K.J. Hill's 34-yard reception boosts this from a B+ to an A-. This should probably still be a B+, but there's a track record here that is hard to ignore.
Previous: BG A+; Tulsa A+; OU A+; Rut A+; IU A+; UW A; PSU A

Wide Receiver: C+
The wide receivers caught eight passes for 84 yards, which shows that they were busy, but there is no stretching of the field here. No wideout caught a pass beyond 16 yards. There were some nice blocks, though.
Previous: BG A; Tulsa B-; OU A+; Rut A+; IU C; UW C; PSU F

Tight End: B-
Marcus Baugh had one catch for 13 yards, but perhaps the most productive tight end was offensive lineman Branden Bowen, who was sporting the No. 44 jersey in order to be an extra tackle. There weren't many glaring issues here like there were last week.
Previous: BG A-; Tulsa C+; OU A; Rut A; IU D+; UW B-; PSU D

Offensive Line: A-
The Buckeye offensive line moved the Northwestern defensive line at five yards a pop on the ground and only allowed one sack. After last week's performance, the grading may be a bit lenient just because of the contrasting outcomes.
Previous: BG A+; Tulsa B-; OU A; Rut A+; IU A-; UW B-; PSU F

Defensive End: C-
The defensive ends gave quarterback Clayton Thorson too much time to throw on some slow-developing routes. They also lost contain on the scramble.
Previous: BG B; Tulsa A+; OU A+; Rut A; IU A+; UW A-; PSU C

Defensive Tackle: C
Dre'Mont Jones is still making tackles, but Robert Landers has been quiet for a few weeks now. Michael Hill held up well for the most part. Aside from Clayton Thorson's 35-yard scramble, Northwestern rushed for 113 yards on 28 carries (4.0 ypc). Running back Justin Jackson was held well below his normal yardage output, but that was due to a lack of carries (17) and not a lack of yards per carry (4.5).
Previous: BG B-; Tulsa A; OU A; Rut A+; IU A; UW C; PSU C-

Linebacker: C
The Buckeye linebackers combined for 17 tackles, but none of them came behind the line of scrimmage. Chris Worley was taken off the field on passing downs. There has been a severe lack of plays made at this position for a while now, though it's probably difficult to make plays sprinting backward in pass coverage.
Previous: BG B; Tulsa A-; OU A-; Rut A; IU A-; UW B-; PSU C

Cornerback: A+
There's not much to say here because the Buckeye cornerbacks were never tested. They didn't need to be. Northwestern knew where to go with the ball, and it wasn't against Gareon Conley or Marshon Lattimore or Denzel Ward.
Previous: BG A-; Tulsa A+; OU A+; Rut A+; IU B; UW B; PSU B

Safety: D
We're going to put nickel back Damon Arnette in this group as well because there's nowhere else to put him. Both he and Damon Webb were bested by Austin Carr repeatedly. Malik Hooker had some nice moments, but did get beat on the option pass in the end zone late in the game, but the throw was off.
Previous: BG A+; Tulsa A; OU A; Rut A+; IU B; UW C; PSU B-

Special Teams: C-
Cameron Johnston had a punt tipped and only averaged 36.6 yards per kick. It was not his best day by a long shot. The Buckeyes had just one punt return and one kickoff return and did nothing with them. Ohio State decided to go with the touchback instead of coverage, which gives you an idea of how they feel about their kickoff coverage unit right now.
Previous: BG C+; Tulsa A-; OU B-; Rut A; IU A-; UW A; PSU F-

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