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Two-Minute Drill: Postgame Updates from Ohio State's 24-20 Win Over Northwestern
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Urban Meyer, Luke Fickell, Ed Warinner, and several players spoke with the media following Ohio State's 24-20 win over Northwestern (4-4, 3-2) on Saturday. The Buckeyes moved to 7-1 and 4-1 in conference play on the season. Here are the highlights from the postgame.

Urban Meyer Updates

+ It's great to be home and it's great to get a hard-fought win against a team that brought a lot of momentum with them. 

+ "I thought our guys nutted up when they had to."

+ The two third down pickups on the final drive were huge.

+ "Nothing was perfect."

+ Meyer liked the fact that the offense started fast. The long drives by both teams limited the possessions in the first half.

+ "We're good. We're not good, we're a project." They are still working things out with the young players. Meyer is going to enjoy this win.

+ Offensively, the Buckeyes found some things early that were working, and then Northwestern would adjust to it. It was a pretty good chess match.

+ Meyer loved that the Buckeyes needed to go down and score a touchdown when it was tied and they did. And then he loved that they had to get a stop, and they did it.

+ When Northwestern got the holding call down around the 5-yard line late in the game, Meyer had the confidence in his defense to take the penalty and give the Wildcats another shot on offense. He felt NU would have gone for it on fourth down if they would have declined the penalty.

+ Parris Campbell sprained an ankle, but there is no fracture.

+ The deep pass still isn't where it needs to be. It's a combination of not hitting it and not getting separation. "I just think we're going to get that figured out."

+ They are a long way from being the team they need to be in November.

+ "We're a dogfight team, I guess."

+ This is still a team in transition because of the number of new players and new starters. They have played in three difficult stadiums at night, and they just beat a team that had a lot of momentum. "Very proud of them. I love these guys."

Luke Fickell Updates

+ Bend, but don't break wears on a defensive coordinator because that's not normally their philosophy. Things weren't clicking very well and they had to patch it together and he's proud of the way they didn't quit. Guys got frustrated but they maintained their composure.

+ They did quite a few things to help out in the slot on Austin Carr, but they're ultimately going to play their defense. There are a couple more things they could have done that they'll need to do moving forward. Just gotta keep fighting. To not play your best and still win is a good sign.

+ Buckeyes are still gaining momentum and they'll be where they need to be when they have to be. "We know darn well we're never satisfied with where we are."

+ Northwestern got the ball off really well. Give them some credit. The ball was thrown before the receivers were out of their breaks. May have to change up some leverage points.

+ Damon Arnette did a great job, but he has to know how he can help himself at times, and when you can and when you can't. Sometimes it's a different leverage or they have to give him more zone coverages.

+ The zone behind the linebackers no matter what coverage OSU is in, teams have been hitting that pass. They have to do a better job of stopping that.

+ Clayton Thorson surprised them a bit with their running ability. They were playing some different leverage concepts on the outside and he hurt them once on that.

+ On Chris Worley: "He's as good a football player as we've got around here." He brought Worley up in front of the team after the game and told them that there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't want Worley around him. "He's a guy that you've got to have on your team and you love to have."

Ed Warinner Updates

+ The Buckeyes are absolutely using Curtis Samuel the way they want. They changed it up a bit in the second half and ran the ball with him.

+ Any time you can be balanced and totally unpredictable is the best. It was balanced today. "Could we be better? Absolutely." Now people are seeing what you do and how to defend you, so you have to react to that.

+ Is this offense good enough? "If we continue to improve, yes." "Right now I think we're headed in the right direction."

+ "The number one objective is totally to win the game." If they need to grind the clock, they can do that. If they want to run tempo, they can do that too.

+ The pass play to Hill was critical. "That was big." They were playing the perimeter a certain way and finally they were able to get a hit on them.

+ Branden Bowen played as a tight end today because of injuries, though A.J. Alexander was able to go eventually.

+ How many times do you want to bang Curtis Samuel around inside when he's not a 200-pound guy. They feel he's touching the ball enough and they are satisfied with how he's getting the ball. You can't give him the ball too much or the defense will key on him, plus they want him to play for 12, 13, 14 games. If he gets banged up, he loses his elusiveness. You have to be smart and pick your spots with him.

+ Northwestern made their adjustments at halftime so they have to see what those adjustments were and then make their own adjustments for the fourth quarter.

+ Northwestern's defense played the deep routes well. "I think it was a windy day and I think throwing the ball 50 yards downs the field in 20 mile an hour winds, there's a big margin for error in that." They took some shots, but they didn't connect because it's hard to complete passes in that wind. "We'd like to hit more big plays, but when we called them they seemed to be in good position defensively."

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