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Urban Meyer on Freshman Receiver Binjimen Victor: 'Damn, I want to play him'
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — There aren't many offenses in college football that couldn't use a 6-foot-4 receiver who catches everything thrown his way and has a tendency to treat defensive backs like afterthoughts, but this is the dilemma in which Urban Meyer now finds himself.

True freshman wide receiver Binjimen Victor is that dilemma personified.

Signed out of Coconut Creek High School in Pompano Beach, Florida as a 4-star prospect in the 2016 class, Victor arrived at Ohio State in the summer and has routinely displayed a knack for making difficult catches.

Speaking on his call-in show Thursday afternoon, Urban Meyer was asked if any freshmen had made some moves during the bye week, and he talked glowingly of the true freshman receiver.

"Oh yeah, this Ben Victor guy, this receiver. Damn, I want to play him. I just don’t know if we can," he said.

This is a familiar refrain from Meyer. He sung it all last year with receiver K.J. Hill and the year before with defensive end Sam Hubbard. Should he play a true freshman even knowing that he might not see many snaps? Or should he keep him on the shelf so as not to "waste" a season of eligibility with little return? His reasoning for wanting to play Victor is plenty-fold.

"He is really good right now," he explained. "Those guys, quite often, they’re not here five years. And so you start…those days are pretty much over. That’s why we make comments we really don’t redshirt people. If you’re not good enough, you don’t play. But we don’t hold you back. So we’re getting really close to letting him go."

In other words, they're not looking to save him for next year if he can contribute this season, especially if they aren't going to get a fifth year out of him anyway.

So what is it that Victor has done to catch Meyer's eye?

"He’s catching everything," he said. "He’s faster than you think. He’s got very good speed. He’s rangy. He’s a quarterback’s dream because you’re accuracy…you know any time you throw to little guys you have to be very accurate. This guy’s got a wingspan. Plus he’s just a great kid. He’s just a great dude. He’s a hard practice player and he’s learning the game very, very fast."

You can check out Binjimen Victor's (No. 9) abilities in the videos below. You'll likely see exactly what it is that Meyer is talking about.

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