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Buckeye Watch: Ohio State 48 - Tulsa 3
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — It wasn't always exciting and it wasn't always actually being played, but Ohio State did win its game against Tulsa by a healthy score of 48-3. The story was as much about the weather as it was the Buckeyes, and Tulsa suffered blowout losses to both.

J.T. Barrett wasn't great, the running game was fine, the defense got better as the game went on, and the secondary appears to be the good kind of greedy. Ohio State's preseason is finally over, however, and this week begins the important part of the season. I hope you're ready.

Now let's get to the Watch.

2:37 I feel like Penn State fans are finally beginning to realize what a mistake they made in hiring James Franklin. Sure, it took them three years to realize they made a mistake, but that's a lot better than they've done in the past.

2:49 Today’s grub is hamburgers, brisket and mac & cheese. The brisket and the barbecue sauce marries very well with the mac & cheese. I feel classy when I talk about how food marries with other food, as opposed to how I’m usually talking about how hot dogs and scrambled eggs live in sin for noon games.

3:27 Looks like Jerome Baker is starting at the Will. This should be interesting. Will Dante Booker be Wally Pipped?

3:34 Tulsa wins the toss and they want to get in as much offense as they can before the rain destroys us all.

3:37 Second play of the game and Marshon Lattimore picks off a tipped pass. He is playing so well this year and now he gives the Buckeyes a first down in the Tulsa red zone.

3:40 Third and six. J.T. Barrett throws into traffic in the back of the end zone and it’s incomplete. They will kick the field goal. Tulsa holds. Color me impressed. At least Tyler Durbin will get an opportunity at a field goal today, which is important. Durbin’s kick is good and the Buckeyes lead it 3-0. Not the best start for the Buckeye offense. They need to get points while the weather is still okay. It’s pretty windy, but they should be able to run the ball.

3:45 Tyler Durbin’s kickoff hits the pylon on the fly. Is that like a hole-in-one for kickers? Will that be in the paper on Sunday? Like area bowling league scores, holes-in-one and kickoffs that hit the pylon. “Saturday: Tyler Durbin hit the pylon on a kickoff at Ohio Stadium. Witnessed by 5.32 million people.”

2.9 Malik Hooker punches the ball out of the receivers’ hands, causing an incompletion. Did you guys grow up playing that Nintendo game “Malik Hooker’s Punchout” like I did?

3:49 Third and nine. Sam Hubbard stunts around Jalyn Holmes and sacks Dane Evans. I believe I predicted 1.5 sacks for Hubbard today, so it’s pretty disappointing that he is going to go the rest of this game without another sack. Tulsa punts.

3:55 After three good gains, J.T. Barrett tries to pull the ball away from Mike Weber at the mesh point and they fumble it away. Tulsa recovers at the Ohio State 36-yard line and the poor beginning for the offense continues. It’s not even raining yet and the Buckeyes are playing like they are in a monsoon.

3:58 Second and goal from the 7-yard line. Jet sweep and Damon Webb runs right by it. He had a chance to blow it up but his fuse was a dud.

3:59 Fourth and goal from the 1-yard line. Tulsa didn’t fly all this way to kick some lousy field goals. They are going for it. It is important to note that Tulsa has the wind behind them on this fourth and one.

4:03 There’s the handoff and it’s stuffed. Tulsa tried to hurry to the line and snap it, but the Buckeye offense does that in practice, so their defense knows how to handle it. Joe Burger and Nick Bosa were there on the tackle.

4:04 First and 10 from the 1-yard line for the Buckeyes. Mike Weber goes up the middle for a yard. The offensive line is not getting much push yet. Second down. Curtis Samuel goes up the middle for two yards. Third and eight. Barrett drops back and throws an incompletion. The Buckeyes go three and out. They’re going against a very stiff wind, but it’s not so stiff that it should be affecting the running game like this. OSU punts.

4:10 Third and four. Evans is getting the play. He drops back. Raekwon McMillan tips the pass and it falls in incomplete. Malik Hooker was in the area. Tulsa is lucky he didn’t grab that deflection and take it to the house. Tulsa will kick a 37-yard field goal with a stiff wind at their back. It’s good. The game is tied at 3-3. Tulsa kickers grow up kicking in the wind. Wind don’t mean nothing to Oklahomans.

4:13 Barrett rolls right on second down and finds Johnnie Dixon on the sideline, but they call it incomplete. Replay seems to disagree, but the call stands. Barrett throws another incompletion on third down and the Buckeyes go three and out again. Just think, if Cardale Jones hadn’t gone pro, you’d be hearing boos right now and Barrett would be looking toward to the sideline to see if Jones was warming up.

4:18 I think at this point the defense needs to find the end zone for the offense because they don’t know how to get there.

4:23 We have reached the end of the first quarter. It is still tied 3-3 because offense is optional today. Pretty boring so far. The Buckeyes have 40 yards of total offense, and Weber and Samuel have 22 of those yards.

4:29 Clouds are getting a little darker but the wind has died down. Does that mean the storm is just going to stay on top of us? Tulsa will punt while there is still dry land to punt from.

4:31 Oh hey, a speed option pitch to Curtis Samuel. Remember that guy? Next play is a quick screen to Terry McLaurin for 16 yards. This is more like it. Samuel now goes up the middle for 12 yards from the wildcat.

4:36 Second and goal. False start on Samuel for leaning forward. Weber picks up two yards on the ensuing play, then Barrett fires it wildly ahead of Marcus Baugh in the back of the end zone. This has not been a good afternoon for Barrett at all. Tyler Durbin’s field goal is good. Buckeyes lead it 6-3. I’m sure Urban Meyer wanted a field goal or two from Durbin today, but I don’t think he wanted only field goals today.

4:41 Redshirt freshman defensive tackle Rob Landers drops the ball carrier for a loss of two yards. He shot in there like he did back in high school. If the Buckeyes can get something from him moving forward, that would be huge.

4:43 Landers and company blow up another play. This time it’s a loss of nine yards. He needs to play more snaps if this is what he does with them. Tulsa finishes the drive with a three and out and punt, which is fair caught at the 14-yard line.

4:50 Third and three. Barrett drops back and finds Noah Brown for a gain of 16 yards. Nice comeback by Brown. Is it bad when you’re a little surprised that the pass is actually completed?

4:54 Fourth and four for the Buckeyes. Barrett rolls right and then scrambles for two yards. There is a flag. What? They are saying a Tulsa coach was on the field during the play, but the penalty won’t be assessed until after the play, which means that it will be Tulsa’s ball. That seems like a stupid rule unless they are saying the coach was on the field after the play. Who knows?

4:55 I don’t know if this team is looking ahead to Oklahoma, but I do know that a lot of teams are not looking great this week. They are apparently trying their best to not make this the worst Week Two of all time.

4:59 Wow. Play-action pass and Malik Hooker reads it the whole way and picks it off and takes it back for the touchdown. The dude is simply amazing. He is for real. Two games in and I think we have proof of that, right? And he’s doing this like it’s no big deal. If this was Jabrill Peppers doing it, he’d be a Heisman frontrunner. Buckeyes lead it 13-3.

5:04 There’s a big kickoff return. Urban Meyer will talk about that one on Monday and how they need to fix it. Makes you wonder if they might just start siding with touchbacks if they can’t tackle.

5:05 Sack and fumble! Tyquan Lewis hits Dane Evans and knocks the ball loose. Jerome Baker picks up the fumble and runs a bit with it. Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for contacting an official? What the heck just happened? Oh, and the clouds are getting pretty terrifying.

5:10 Buckeyes get the ball at midfield but go three and out. Another wasted possession following a turnover. That’s not good football. The punt travels into the end zone for a touchback with 45 seconds to play. The rain is now upon us. Tulsa will run out the clock and be happy to do so.

5:13 Or not. It’s pouring and Tulsa is trying to throw the ball. Okay. Whoops, one too many throws for you as Marshon Lattimore snags his second interception of the day and returns it 40 yards for the touchdown. This guy may be getting outshined by Malik Hooker, but he’s playing as well as anybody on this team. I appreciate Tulsa’s aggression, but know the situation and the conditions. Buckeyes lead it 20-3 and that’s enough to get people heading for the exits.

5:15 That’s halftime. The Buckeyes have 158 total yards. At this point last week Curtis Samuel had 161 yards of total offense. This week he has just four touches for 27 yards.

5:24 Crap. We are now under a lightning delay. That means a 30-minute delay followed by a 15-minute warm-up period. Good thing there is still food here.

5:29 Okay, this is getting serious. City Barbecue has left the building. They packed up without regard for media life. I am disgusted, but not so disgusted that I won’t go grab a hamburger and some mac & cheese. But still, I'm pretty disgusted.

5:40 Another lightning sighting now has the game starting back up at 6:21 at the earliest. Please tell my wife that I love her and that this mac & cheese isn’t that good. She would hate it. (She would totally love it, but I don’t want her to be jealous and angry at me when I am in such peril.)

5:45 Oh come on! Another lightning delay. At least now I can blame my slow production on these weather delays as opposed to my inability to produce quick work.

6:16 The teams are both taking the field again for their warm up. It looks like this game is actually going to get started again. But don’t say anything and jinx this.

6:33 Buckeyes are back for the kick. The 31,372 fans remaining are cheering. Onside kick here just for the hell of it? Although being on offense is not where Tulsa wants to be right now. They’re better on defense.

6:36 Pistol formation. Samuel goes up the middle and jukes and zags for about 24 yards. They are certainly getting him more involved on this drive than he was the entire first half.

6:37 Samuel again for about 14 yards. I think after today they will realize that Samuel should never be limited to just four touches in any half ever again.

6:41 Third and five from the 11-yard line. Barrett changes the play. It’s a QB power to the left. Samuel paves the way with the lead block and the receivers keep the defensive backs off of Barrett as he takes it into the end zone. That was a very Zeke-esque block by Samuel. Buckeyes lead it 27-3.

6:46 Third and five. Sam Hubbard rushes, then comes off of the left tackle and tackles a receiver on the screen pass for a 5-yard loss. Wow, great read and recognition. I’m not even sure that was a zone blitz. I think that might have just been a great reaction from Hubbard. Tulsa will punt.

6:48 False start for Isaiah Prince. He’s had a couple of rough moments, but it’s not like they can bench him. Nor would they. This is good learning experience for next week and beyond. There will be growing pains for every sophomore.

6:52 Terry McLaurin drops the pass on third and six. He has to catch that and he knows it. The Buckeyes go three and out. Cam Johnston’s punt dies at the 20-yard line. Now they’re going with another TV timeout? Didn’t they get their commercials in during the 50-minute weather delay? If they didn’t, that’s their fault. I’ve got places to be and there’s no more food here. This is becoming a dire situation!

6:57 Dane Evans keeps it on the read option and Jalyn Holmes does a great job stopping him for two yards. He played that perfectly. I can see why they call him a starter.

7:00 Tulsa’s drive stalls, but the rain won’t. They punt and Dontre Wilson is tackled at the 16-yard line. I just hope it stops raining by the time I have to head down to the sideline or else I’m going to be watching this game on a TV in the concourse like a regular person. Gross!

7:04 Barrett with a nice throw to Samuel on a wheel route down to the 1-yard line. How did he catch that? Great grab. He doesn’t get enough credit for his ability to catch the ball in traffic, but he’s shown this skill before. Weber caps off the drive with his first career touchdown. Buckeyes lead it 34-3. That was Weber and Samuel on that drive, providing some thunder and lightning of their own. Wow, is that great writing or what?

7:08 Third and eight. Evans is going deep on Gareon Conley and Conley is watching it the whole way and he comes down with it. He looked like the intended receiver on that underthrown ball. That’s four interceptions for the Silver Bullets.

7:11 That’s the end of the third quarter. We made it without any atmospheric delays. The Buckeyes lead it 34-3 and they are currently covering the 28-point spread.

7:16 Ohio State punts and it gets downed at the 2-yard line. Pretty nice punt by the Australian.

7:19 Defense needs a score here to take the lead from the offense as they are currently trailing 20-14.

7:20 James Flanders runs up the middle for three yards before he is stopped by Davon Hamilton and Jerome Baker. Maybe one day we can call that play a “Baked Ham” when those two combine on tackles in the future. No? Well how about when Hamilton and Robert Landers team up, can we call that a “Ham Landers” and have it be an advice column for opposing offenses not to run up the middle?

7:21 Third and four. Chris Worley is showing blitz, but he backs off. Nick Bosa provides the pressure, diving over a blocker to get his hand on the quarterback. The pass falls incomplete. Tulsa punts.

7:22 Whoa, nice 27-yard punt return to the 28-yard line for Dontre Wilson. Then on first down he gets a dump pass and drops a spin move on the Golden Hurricane. Okay, we see you Dontre. You’re pretty good.

7:24 Second and goal. J.T. Barrett keeps it for the touchdown. The defense collapsed on Curtis Samuel. Buckeyes lead it 41-3. This game got out of hand somewhere in the middle of this deluge.

7:28 Craig Fada and Joe Burger are on the field together for the defense. That’s pretty cool. Whoa. Malik Hooker…just missed a tackle? How? Why? Why must football lie to us? Malik Hooker doesn’t do anything incorrectly. This makes me doubt everything. Hopefully I can collect myself as I head down to the field. I doubt I’m alone in feeling completely lost right now. This changes everything.

7:29 If something else happens while I’m heading down to the field it doesn’t matter. Everything is a lie now.


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