Established October 31, 1996
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Report Card: Buckeyes vs. Tulsa
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — This might be one of those report cards that encompasses both semesters because the Buckeyes were pretty different between the first half and second half. They picked it up as the game went on, but it wasn't always as pretty as you normally get from a 45-point win. Let's see how the Buckeyes graded out this week.

Quarterback: B-
Graded relative to what we expect from J.T. Barrett, this grade probably would warrant something worse than a B-, but ultimately Barrett completed 64% of his passes and ran for two touchdowns and didn't turn the ball over. Still, he missed some throws that quarterbacks need to make and he wasn't as sterling as he normally is with his read options. He scored twice, but only averaged 4 yards per carry.
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Running Back: A-
Mike Weber ran for 92 yards on 17 carries and certainly would have gone over 100 yards with a couple more attempts. He averaged 5.4 yards per carry, which is below what a Buckeye running back should average. The holes weren't as plentiful as they were the week before, however. He protected the ball in an environment where that is not easy and he continues to show that he is a well-rounded player.
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H-Back: A+
Curtis Samuel and Dontre Wilson combined for 108 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving. Right now they are two of the top three playmakers on this team. Urban Meyer said after the game that this is what he has wanted from this position since he got here.
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Wide Receiver: B-
The wideouts combined for five just catches, which is four fewer than they had against Bowling Green. The wind and rain were obviously a factor, but so was J.T. Barrett's inaccuracy in the first half. The B- minus comes from a lack of production and from defenders being right with them on most passes thrown their way.
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Tight End: C+
On one watch it's not easy to hand out grades to a position that was more integral in run blocking than pass catching. The tight ends had no catches and were targeted just once.
Previous: BGSU A-

Offensive Line: B-
The Buckeyes rushed for 268 yards, which is a good number, and they averaged 5.6 yards per carry. J.T. Barrett did face some pass rush pressure, but he was only sacked once. Overall, the game just seemed tougher than it should have been up front for the Buckeyes. The offensive line was flagged three times as well. They can play better.
Previous: BGSU A+

Defensive End: A+
The defensive ends combined for four tackles for loss and two sacks. They helped seal the edge and kept the Tulsa running game bottled in. Sam Hubbard had a fantastic play tackling a screen pass near the sideline. Jalyn Holmes was active. Tyquan Lewis is a great combo defender. Nick Bosa had some nice plays as well.
Previous: BGSU B

Defensive Tackle: A
If all you saw was the first quarter, you might be asking where the D- is. Fortunately for the Buckeye interior linemen, there are four quarters to play, and they certainly picked it up over the final three quarters. The middle was soft at the start of the game, but it quickly turned into a wall and helped hold Tulsa to just 61 yards rushing. Each of the tackles rotating in had good moments and made plays.
Previous: BGSU B-

Linebacker: A-
The Buckeye linebackers didn't get into the backfield, but they did force a fumble, recover a fumble and break up two passes. Raekwon McMillan was solid in the middle and Chris Worley made plays out wide. Jerome Baker played well enough at a new position. The linebackers were kept pretty clean by the defensive tackles as well.
Previous: BGSU B

Cornerback: A+
The cornerbacks did give up some catches, but all cornerbacks do. They also picked off three passes and returned one of them for a touchdown. The rotation of Gareon Conley, Marshon Lattimore, and Denzel Ward has been pretty good. Once Ward is playing as well as Conley and Lattimore — who is arguably playing better than anybody on the team — this trio is going to be hitting straight A's. Actually, they're already doing that.
Previous: BGSU A-

Safety: A
What more can really be said about Malik Hooker? His pick six was a thing of beauty, as he recognized the play immediately and left his deep hash for the opposite hash and arrived at the ball full speed and made a great catch. He continues to amaze. Damon Webb is still pretty quiet. He has just three tackles through two games. At this point last year Vonn Bell had seven tackles. In 2014, Bell had 14 tackles in his first two games. That being said, Webb certainly isn't causing any problems for the Buckeyes.
Previous: BGSU A+

Special Teams: A-
The glaring issue here is kickoff coverage, which allowed a 52-yard return. The other five returns, however, averaged less than 10 yards. Tyler Durbin hit both of his field goal attempts and all six of his extra points. Cameron Johnston averaged 51.2 yards on per punt on his five attempts, and the Buckeye return game wasn't bad either.
Previous: BGSU C+

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