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Buckeye Watch: Ohio State 30 - Wisconsin 23
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Fun games are fun, and this was a fun game.

Instead of those overtime games -- like NC State at Clemson on Saturday -- where neither team deserves to win, Ohio State and Wisconsin played in an overtime game where both teams deserved to win.

Of course, only one team came out of Madison with a win, and fortunately for you, it was the Buckeyes.

10:38 Wisconsin has had the worst Gameday signs of all time, and that’s saying a lot because Gameday is usually swaddled by SEC fans who have to spell by sounding the words out.

11:42 Ric Flair is the guest picker.

11:58 Flair just picked Wisconsin. He said he hates Ohio State. He must be jealous of Kyle Snyder. Lee Corso picks Ohio State.

2:48 Vanderbilt is leading Georgia in Athens. Oh, hey Penn State administration, a Vanderbilt head coach is beating Georgia. You might wanna take a look. I know how that impresses you so.

6:32 Michigan State is so bad right now. I’m curious to see them transform to defensive stalwart and offensive juggernaut by November 19, however.

7:11 I mention on Twitter that a Nebraska win against Indiana is good for Ohio State and Buckeye fans are attacking me saying they don’t need any help. No, you don’t right now, but feel free to broaden your horizons in case Ohio State loses, which it has done almost every single year in school history.

7:12 That being said, I mentioned on the radio this morning that Ohio State could lose this game and still control its own destiny. That’s where a Nebraska win tonight helps, provided the Huskers remain undefeated and in the Top 10 when they come to Columbus.

7:58 I’ve got the Cubs game on the phone, which is at least a minute behind the broadcast. I’m not going to like this, but I can’t just not have it on.

8:05 I started a new thing this week and it’s called, “When it comes to picking Ohio State at night on the road remember that Urban Meyer is the Ohio State head coach and then remember that he is also not the coach of the team that Ohio State is playing on the road and at night.” We’ll see how it works.

8:09 Mack Brown just said Ohio State has to hit some balls deep... I think the Buckeyes can win without it, but they’ll really win with it. Mark May picks Wisconsin because Mark May was asked to pick the game. Urban Meyer just said the receivers need to separate. They were last week. There’s two parts to that equation.

8:13 Ohio State loses the toss and will get the ball first. Get as much offense as you can before the rain and weather comes.

8:13 Curtis Samuel Samuel up the middle for two. And his 35 touches begin.

8:15 Quick hitch to Noah Brown that is dropped on second down. That would have been a first down near midfield. Tough drop. Can't have that early on. Probably can't have it late either. You know what, probably shouldn't just have it at all. 

8:15 Third and five. Four receivers to the right. J.T. Barrett drops back, Wisconsin stunts and sacks him. They confused Michael Jordan on that one. Cameron Johnston's punt lands in the end zone. He boomed that one.

8:17 Wisconsin is throwing on first down. Alex Hornibrook rolls out and finds tight end Troy Fumagalli for about 27 yards. He dropped it in Damon Webb and Marshon Lattimore's zone. My instinct is to immediately assume this is not Lattimore's fault, but I have no idea when UW lines up one receiver and three tight ends.

8:18 Corey Clement gets the edge and picks up 12 yards. The defensive line was a bit confused on that one. You can’t let Clement get the edge. You have to stop him before he gets going because he doesn't always fight for yards.

8:19 Second and seven. End around to Jazz Peavy for 12 yards. That play is as much a Wisconsin staple as summer sausage. Not sure how you stop that because they're always good at it. Damon Webb has no idea where the ball is.

8:21 Third and six. Hornibrook is sacked by Nick Bosa! Late flag? Another sideline warning on the Buckeyes. Ohio State needs to fire their Get Back Coach.

8:22 The Badgers will attempt a field goal from 46 yards out. Got it. Right down the middle. Wisconsin leads it 3-0.

8:23 Nice defensive stop by the Buckeyes, but now the offense has to figure out a way to get chunks of offense instead of scraps. Chunks, not scraps. Nobody grows big off of scraps. Chunks is where it’s at.

8:28 Third and four. Barrett rolls right and throws it out of bounds. The Buckeyes will punt because they have no intermediate or downfield offense. The worst way to play to a slow defense is to stay tight and close to the line of scrimmage. Johnston's punt is returned to the 12-yard line, but a penalty will push the Badgers back seven yards.

8:31 Another sack here and the Buckeyes will only be trailing by a point.

8:32 First down. Already more confusion on defense. Clement busts through for 70-some yards. He fumbles, but I think he was down. Damon Webb picks it up but this is going to be Wisconsin’s ball. The ball was out but he’s touching the ball when he’s out of bounds. They call it a fumble, but this will come back.

8:37 The bye week has helped.

8:38 I just had an Ohio State fan tell me to kill myself because I tweeted that the ball was clearly dead. Seems a bit extreme. As expected, the Badgers keep the ball.

8:42 Third and seven. Wow. Jazz Peavy goes right down the seam and Hornibrook finds him for a 24-yard touchdown. Easy. Damon Webb was where? He was late to turn and it cost him. That was a whopping 95 yards on the drive. Wisconsin leads it 10-0.

9:01 My computer crashed, but I did see why OSU’s sideline coach is terrible. Are you going to tell Urban Meyer to move?

9:03 Ohio State punts and it goes out of bounds at the 21-yard line. That was not a good kick for Johnston. Maybe he’s fatigued.

9:04 So Urban Meyer killed that entire drive. And the Buckeyes have no downfield passing game. And they can’t figure out Wisconsin’s offense, which hasn’t changed in 127 years. This is fine.

9:05 You know, anybody can throw downfield. All it takes it throwing downfield.

9:06 Peavy on the end around and they could run this play all night for 600 yards. Another big gain. He has 40 yards rushing on two carries.

9:08 Third and three. Hornibrook drops back and then gets dropped by Sam Hubbard. That eliminates the decision to go for it. That was straight power by Hubbard. He ran right through his man. If they can keep UW in passing downs, they'll be fine. They just have to limit the first down gains.

9:12 Buckeyes almost can’t throw on first down because they can’t afford to get behind the chains. That’s where Ohio State football is right now.

9:13 Barrett's going deep on first down anyway and Terry McLaurin had a step, but had to actually stop and come back to the ball to break up the interception. That is unacceptable.

9:14 Another pass. Barrett scrambles and throws a wheel route to Marcus Baugh, but it's out of bounds. Wait, in bounds? No way. Wow, foot is in, and now the Buckeyes hurry up so there is no review. Great job by the offense there.

9:15 Three passes in a row and now a speed option pitch to Samuel for a loss of 10 yards. How do you lose 10 yards on a running play? Wisconsin played that perfectly. Almost like they were waiting for it. They were coming for it immediately.

9:15 Third and 13. Barrett drops back, avoids a sack and finds Curtis Samuel for a 25-yard gain. Wow! They needed that. They are moving the ball by the skin of their teeth right now.

9:19 Third and five. Barrett pumps, then finds K.J. Hill for a first down but he drops it. That's the second bad drop tonight for the Buckeyes. Now they'll call on Tyler Durbin from 40 yards out...and he drills it. Wisconsin leads it 10-6. 

9:20 The Buckeyes opened it up on that drive and they missed by inches. Getting closer. Defense is getting tougher. Still have to defend the end around better though.

9:38 Hey my computer crashed again. I'd apologize, but it's not my fault, it's Dell's.

9:40 Barrett picks up two yards on a draw play on third and 11 because that's where the passing game is. Wisconsin fair catches the punt at the 35-yard line with 1:57 to play. Perhaps if the Badgers are going to try and throw the ball here the Buckeye defense can find a way to score.

9:43 End around to Peavy for 17 yards or so. Oh yeah, I forgot about that play. They don't need to pass it. He’s gonna rush for 140 tonight.

9:43 Drop back. Open to Wheelright on Conley for about 15 yards. The body language is terrible tonight.

9:47 Second and goal from the 5-yard line. The pass rush is the only thing working for OSU tonight. Anywhere. Clement gets a yard on the carry. Dre'Mont Jones was there again. Under 30 seconds. Ohio State calls a timeout to get their defense ready for the third down. 

9:49 Third and goal. Hornibrook throws it incomplete to Dare Ogunbowale. Badgers settle for a 22-yard field goal and lead it 16-6 with 14 seconds to play in the half. 

9:50 That's 313 yards of total offense for Wisconsin, which is horrendous and, frankly, a little embarrassing.

9:52 Badgers lead it 16-6 at the half. The good news for the Buckeyes is that now they'll have a little more time to catch up on Wisconsin having a week off to prepare for them. Time for the adjustments on defense. Of course, the offense needs to respond as well.

9:53 Hell, even MSU scored 40 points today.

10:01 if this is the passing game against Michigan, Ohio State will get shut out.

10:05 I’ll be interested to see adjustments to shut down the jet sweep because that’s the only thing that is really killing the Ohio State defense right now. You square that up and force Wisconsin to drive the field and you can do some things.

10:09 ‘Member when OSU had an intermediate passing game.

10:16 Game on. 

10:17 Peavy gets it on the end around and Malik Hooker comes flying in to drop him for a gain of three yards. Man, he is fast when he's going downhill, uphill, sidehill, inverted hill. If there's a hill, Hooker can run it. That was exactly the kind of stop they needed on that jet sweep.

10:18 Third and seven. Buckeyes are showing blitz. Hornibrook drops back and Jalyn Holmes jumps on top of him for the sack. The Rushmen are successful again. Wisconsin can't handle the inside guys on third and long.

10:19 Punt. Muffed by Dontre Wilson and the Badgers recover it and Meyer is doubled over in disbelief. Wow. Wait, Wilson saves the game and comes up with it? Play of the game.

10:22 Barrett finds Parris Campbell on his third read for a 15-yard gain. There you go, the second level. It's not so hard.

10:23 Hurrying up. Play-action, now Barrett takes off and picks up 23 yards down to the 13-yard line. He tucked that ball and put his head down. He found the necessary opening. Win the game any way you can.

10:23 And now it's raining. Is this perfect timing, or what? Empty set. Barrett rolls left and overthrows James Clark and Dakota Dixon picks him off in the end zone. You want to talk about unfortunate circumstances. The Buckeyes drive down and then the rain comes and everybody knows that Barrett doesn't perform well in the rain. Is it rain, or is it sprinklers?

10:28 Are you serious? The rain lasted for all of two plays. Now that the Badgers have the ball the rain is done. God is biased. Hey, Clement is tackled for a loss by Jalyn Holmes.

10:29 Third and 11. Watch the screen. They're not going to want to drop back here. There it is and Jerome Baker drops it for a four-yard loss. That was almost a horse collar. Baker knifed through the two linemen to find the ball. Wisconsin punts and Wilson returns it to the Wisconsin 47-yard line. The Buckeyes have the momentum now.

10:31 So here’s the situation…you just drove down the field fairly easily and now you have the field position to do it again. Your defense is picking up steam. This isn’t bad right now. You're down 10, but it doesn't feel like it.

10:33 Triple-option pitch to Samuel for a loss of two. Okay, the option pitch isn’t working because the safeties are flying down.

10:36 Barrett gets nothing on third and one. They'll go for it here. Huge play. Play of the game so far. Uh oh, Jamarco Jones is down and it's not good. He’s in pain. Will Isaiah Prince move over to LT and Branden Bowen come in to RT? They’re helping him up. Rolled ankle stepping on Prince’s foot. He’s done?

10:38 Prince does move to left tackle. Mike Weber comes in. Dontre Wilson motions in. Weber gets it and picks up four yards. Straight smash, homie.

10:40 Third and 10 at the Wisconsin 23-yard line. Barrett again avoids the sack and finds Noah Brown for nine yards. He came back for the ball and lost a yard. They'll go for it on fourth down again. The give is to Weber and he's stuffed, but he keeps fighting and picks up two yards. That was stopped, but Weber said no. He got hit immediately.

10:41 Drop back, pass interference on the fade to Noah Brown. Dang, Jamarco is already back. Dude is tough. Could barely walk. Whoa, Brown almost pinned another touchdown against a defender's back. That guy is a little ridiculous.

10:46 Second and goal from the 1-yard line. Barrett powers it in behind Billy Price and Pat Elflein. They went with an empty set to spread out the defense and get the advantage up the middle. Wisconsin now leads it 16-13 with 2:52 to play in the third quarter.

10:49 Jerome Baker is showing blitz. Hornibrook lofts the pass and it's intercepted by Gareon Conley! Baker was tackled, by the way. Conley falls to the ground immediately. If he stays on his feet he scores. Michael Hill got the pressure to force the throw.

10:52 Third and five. Play-action and Barrett finds Brown inside the 20 and he barrels inside the 15-yard line. Barrett is finding himself.

10:52 We have reached the end of the third quarter. Wisconsin leads 16-13, but the Buckeyes are driving. Everybody is going to be jumping around.

10:53 J.T. Barrett is carrying this team right now. It’s PSU 2014 all over again.

11:00 Third and six from the 8-yard line. Barrett breaks free from a sack and runs into the end zone for the touchdown. Wow. They brought double pressure and evacuated the right side and nobody was there to keep Barrett from the goal line.

11:01 Wisconsin fans complaining about OSU getting away with a hold on that touchdown is a sizable lack of self awareness.

11:02 J.T. Barrett has been fantastic this half. Doing everything it takes to get the Buckeyes in a position to win.

11:07 Third and nine. This is where the Buckeyes want to be. Hornibrook drops back and throws a perfect pass down the seam to Jazz Peavy for a big gain. Damon Arnette had good coverage, but they know exactly who to attack in this defense.

11:09 Wisconsin is already inside the 15-yard line now with some nice runs by Clement. This has been a great answer by Wisconsin so far. Might be last team with the ball wins tonight.

11:12 Third and two from the 4-yard line. Four-down territory here. This is the same end zone that Ryan Shazier stopped Montee Ball in. Could we see it again? Nope, touchdown Austin Ramesh. The fullback does it. Wisconsin leads it 23-20 with 7:54 to play. And now they’ve got stress. That was an 81-yard drive when the Badgers had to have it. Hornibrook is growing up. First rushing touchdown allowed.

11:14 This is where J.T. has to do it once again.

11:19 Split backs. Samuel goes wide left following Weber and he picks up about 30 yards. Weber is a pretty good fullback. Wait, flag down late. Holding on Weber? That was a good block, but it’s still a first down. I guess the last part of that block was unnecessary. Samuel was well beyond the pass. The 25-yard gain has been negated.

11:21 Second and 11. Wisconsin is taking their time bringing their defense in. Barrett drops back, nobody open, now he waves at somebody and is going deep to Dontre Wilson, and Wilson pulls it in inside the 20-yard line! What a throw. Barrett is in the zone right now. This is the J.T. Barrett you've been waiting for.

11:22 Third and four. Samuel is in. Fake it to Samuel and Barrett goes wide and he is JUST barely tripped up by Leo Musso. That was a game saver. Wow. Now you bring in Tyler Durbin for the tie with 4:15 to play. He drills it to tie the game at 23-23 with 3:57 to play. Durbin is growing by the day.

11:29 Clement carries the ball into OSU territory with under two minutes to play. Where is the middle fo the defense?

11:32 Hornibrook is going deep and it's intercepted by Gareon Conley. OMG! That was amazing. Reviewing it. That might have it hit the ground. Yep. Review says incomplete. Ouch.

11:35 Well, you just had the game in your hands. Now you have to gather yourself again. Third and 12 with 55 seconds remaining. The dump pass won't pick up the first down. Badgers will punt. Buckeyes shouldn't even put a returner back and don’t even rush the punt. They do, and Wilson fair catches it at the 14-yard line.

11:38 Weber picks up three yards and now we go to overtime. This is fun.

11:39 In terms of the CFP, Ohio State has already done enough to continue to secure their own fate tonight. An overtime loss on the road to a Top 10 team is a good loss. The rest is cake.

11:42 Buckeyes are on offense. I didn’t even know there was a coin toss. Pitch to Samuel on the end around and he avoids a TFL and picks up 11 yards. Wow, that play finally worked.

11:44 False start Isaiah Prince. There’s the negative play to stop the momentum that you were surely waiting for.

11:44 Barrett drops back and finds James Clark on the same route as his interception earlier. Clark fights for 12 and that's a great pick up.

11:45 Barrett fights for the first down but there’s a flag. Hold by Jamarco Jones away from the play. That’s a killer. Replay second down, so it’s not a total killer.

11:46 Second and 13. Swing pass to Samuel and he somehow goes down the sideline for about 11 yards. Amazing. Now bring in Weber and go to split backs. That was a tough run by Samuel.

11:47 Third and two. Have to hurry here the play clock is running down. Throwing it to Noah Brown? Touchdown! Wow, I didn't expect that, but why not? One on one, instead of eight or nine guys trying to smash up the middle. Extra point gives the Buckeyes the 30-23 lead.

11:49 First down. Corey Clement no gain. Damon Webb there and Jerome Baker. Second down and Hornibrook finds Wheelright inside the 5-yard line. How did that happen? Right in front of Malik Hooker.

11:50 First and goal from the 4-yard line. Here's the ball game. Clement gets tripped up by Chris Worley who came from the edge. Great play to get him before he could pick up steam. 

11:50 Second down. Clement motions out? Okay. Fake to the fullback and Hornibrook has to throw it away because he had nobody available. Raekwon McMillan stayed step for step with Fumagalli. Great play. 

11:51 Third down. Jerome Baker drops Clement behind the line of scrimmage. He tried to stretch it out and Baker denied him. Great job by Ryan Shazi...err...Baker.

11:52 Here is the game. Fourth down. Expect the house. Here comes a blitz. Ohio State timeout.

11:53 Here we go. Hornibrook drops back and he is swarmed and sacked by all four of the Rushmen! Buckeyes win it 30-23 in a possible classic? Tyquan Lewis gets the credit for the sack, but any of the four were going to get there. That was an impressive singular pass rush by an entire group and it happened when they needed it most.

11:54 A walk-off sack -- this IS Penn State 2014 all over again!

11:56 I know we've already talked about how this young team isn't  young anymore, but they are now grizzled veterans after this game. What a tremendous effort by J.T. Barrett and this defense in the second half. This is a game that can carry them forward in tough times. Just watch.

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