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Report Card: Buckeyes vs. Wisconsin
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Ohio State moved to 6-0 (3-0) on the season with Saturday night's 30-23 come-from-behind victory over Wisconsin (4-2, 1-2) in overtime. It was an instant classic not for how well the Buckeyes played, but rather how well they played when they absolutely had to.

Some people wondered if last week's win over Indiana was a galvanizing victory, but based on their win over Wisconsin they were always galvanized. It's just that this was the first time they really needed to show it.

This is one of those games that isn't going to help the GPA, but in terms of pass/fail, the Buckeyes emphatically passed because a night game in Madison has cut down other OSU title contenders in the past. Ohio State is still breathing the breath of an undefeated team, and that's more important right now than style points in any contest.

Quarterback: A-
No, J.T. Barrett wasn't great in the first half, but he showed enough knowledge of the subject in the second half of the game for us to see that he knows exactly what he's talking about.
Previous: BG A-; Tulsa B-; OU A; Rut A; Ind C

Running Back: B+
Mike Weber only carried the ball 11 times and averaged just 4.2 yards per play, but there wasn't a whole lot of room to run with. He blocked well -- despite a holding call, and he was tough as hell on a couple of key short-yardage plays.
Previous: BG A; Tulsa A-; OU A+; Rut A+; IU B+

H-Back: A
The H-backs comprised 158 of the Buckeyes' 411 yards of total offense. It wasn't Curtis Samuel's best day, but the running lanes weren't exactly popping. Dontre Wilson's catch for 43 yards was a huge play and just shows how dangerous this offense can be when the Buckeyes can get the matchups they like.
Previous: BG A+; Tulsa A+; OU A+; Rut A+; IU A+

Wide Receiver: C
There were too many drops this week and more separation needs to happen on deep balls, though it's not like none is happening. Also, this is a position of playmaking, but the three longest receptions were by the H-backs and the tight end. More plays need to be made here, and not just in the deep game. Slants need to go for more than just 12 yards.
Previous: BG A; Tulsa B-; OU A+; Rut A+; IU C

Tight End: B-
Marcus Baugh had a great catch for 29 yards, but that's about it. The running game was not there today and Baugh is a part of that.
Previous: BG A-; Tulsa C+; OU A; Rut A; IU D+

Offensive Line: B-
This wasn't a great game overall, but this was the best defensive front that the Buckeyes have played all year. They averaged over four yards per carry, which is well below average for this team. J.T. Barrett was under quite a bit pressure in this game. They bounced back in the second half, however.
Previous: BG A+; Tulsa B-; OU A; Rut A+; IU A-

Defensive End: A-
They may have failed to set the edge a couple of times in this game, but without each of their five defensive ends, the Buckeyes may not have come out victorious. This will be an eye-opening experience for quite a few offensive coordinators down the road on OSU's schedule.
Previous: BG B; Tulsa A+; OU A+; Rut A; IU A+

Defensive Tackle: C
Wisconsin averaged 5.1 yards per carry and put up 236 yards rushing. That's never going to look good on a defensive tackle's transcripts. Dre'Mont Jones had a bunch of tackles near the line of scrimmage, which was good, but there wasn't much penetration up the middle.
Previous: BG B-; Tulsa A; OU A; Rut A+; IU A

Linebacker: B-
Most of the tackles by the linebackers in the first half happened after decent gains. Jerome Baker and Chris Worley were both active. Heck, Worley even had a forced fumble 68 yards down the field, but the Badger running game won a lot of battles in this one.
Previous: BG B; Tulsa A-; OU A-; Rut A; IU A-

Cornerback: B
The Buckeyes had trouble keeping the Badgers from finding the open zones, and quarterback Alex Hornibrook was dropping some passes into tight windows. Marshon Lattimore was aggressive in run support and Gareon Conley once again displayed tremendous ball skills. Damon Arnette gave up a big pass play, but his coverage was pretty good.
Previous: BG A-; Tulsa A+; OU A+; Rut A+; IU B

Safety: C
Pretty much every big passing play in this game for Wisconsin can be tied back to a safety, even Malik Hooker. Damon Webb had a tough night, but safeties have to be so wary of the running game against Wisconsin that it makes life difficult.
Previous: BG A+; Tulsa A; OU A; Rut A+; IU B

Special Teams: A
If not for Dontre Wilson's muffed punt, we could probably bump this grade up a bit. Cam Johnston averaged 53.8 yards per punt, and the Badgers had very little return game to speak of. Kicker Tyler Durbin was fantastic, hitting three field goals with increasing pressure.
Previous: BG: C+; Tulsa A-; OU B-; Rut A; IU A-

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