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Buckeye Football Mini-Mailbag: Kevin Wilson, Oreos, Dante Booker, Etc.
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Full disclosure -- this is a "mini-mailbag" because it's already 10:30 pm and I didn't have any of my naps today. If I would have started this earlier in the day when I wasn't doing anything -- including napping, then it would be a full mailbag. Instead, you get this. And you know what, you'll probably get a couple more this week because I don't want to ruin the flow.

What's the deal with so many kids moving to WR? Don't we have 5* guys coming in? — @zidaya

Well, there is a 5-star guy coming in, in the form of Trevon Grimes. Why have Eric Glover-Williams and Brendon White moved to receiver? Glover-Williams likely wasn't going to play at safety, even with the departure of Malik Hooker. He is quick, fast, and agile, and given the lack of production at the receiver position this past season, why would you not try to find as many playmakers as you can? Also, with the departure of Curtis Samuel and Dontre Wilson -- and the decommitment of Tyjon Lindsey -- finding slot receivers (H-backs) is imperative. If he doesn't pan out on offense, at least they tried. Brendon White is a very talented athlete, but I wonder if his move to offense was a response to Noah Brown's departure, or at least the tipping point. Receiver was always a possibility for him. If a quarterback is only as good as the people around him, then you've got to find good people to put around him. This is that.

How is Dante Booker doing and will he be ready for spring and fall? — Mdbuckeye1

Dante Booker could have played in the second half of the season -- and he would have if the Buckeyes needed him, but the linebackers stayed healthy and Booker was able to redshirt. I was hoping to talk with Booker in Arizona, but I never saw him. I wanted to ask him about a potential move to middle linebacker, as both Jerome Baker and Chris Worley seem locked in on their respective positions at Will and Sam. The Buckeyes need to replace Raekwon McMillan and they'll need a veteran to get that done. Booker will be in his fourth season, so he has a pretty good grasp of the defense.

Why no mention of Kevin Wilson's past player treatment with OSU hiring? — BuckeyesRUs

I mentioned it a few days ago in one of the pieces I wrote about him, but the thing to remember is that Wilson would have never been hired without a vetting process that put everyone's concerns at ease. Urban Meyer will have to address these questions when we finally do get to talk to him -- perhaps not until signing day, but everyone knows the questions are coming and I don't expect Meyer to say anything other than they looked into everything very closely and they have zero concerns.

Where can I get a deep fried Oreo in Ohio — @getyorocksoff

So while out in Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl, the media party on Thursday night before the game had deep-fried Oreos and they were the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. Even better than Yoder's mustard potato salad from Kroger. Where can you get them in Ohio? Plenty of places. Google it. That's what I did and I found out that Pitabilities -- which usually has a truck at OSU practices -- serves them. Why is this important for you to know? Because my practice reports are going to suck now that I know there are deep-fried Oreos on hand. Of course, there's not much you can really report on when you only get to see 30 minutes of practice and 10 of those minutes are stretching and the other 20 are special teams.

Who are the likely defensive back starters? — Buck81

Well, am I going with a three-man rotation at cornerback like the Buckeyes had this year? Yes, yes I am. The favorites at this point would be Denzel Ward, Kendall Sheffield, and Damon Arnette because they are the three most-experienced college football players at the position. That essentially means that those won't be the three, by the way. Safeties? I'll go with Damon Webb at free safety and Erick Smith at strong safety. I know a lot of people are hopeful about Jeffrey Okudah and Shaun Wade making a move somewhere, but they are still freshmen and that's asking too much. I think Jordan Fuller will involve himself somewhere as well. The Buckeyes need cornerbacks to step up. You aren't yet sold on Damon Arnette, but he is basically going through the exact same process that Gareon Conley, Marshon Lattimore, and Doran Grant did. Struggles will happen early. Lattimore struggled as a nickel last year just like Arnette did this year. I'm not predicting anything, just something to keep in mind.

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