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Five for Friday: Takeaways from the First Half of Ohio State's Spring Camp
By Tony Gerdeman

Drawing conclusions with only bits and pieces of information is one of the things that I admittedly do terrifically well. I can connect the dots with the best of them, provided the dots are clearly marked and not confusing and in the proper order and quite sizable.

In terms of connecting the dots of spring football for the Buckeyes, some pictures have been made clearer than others. What I have gleaned so far comes from three hours of practice, two press conferences with Urban Meyer, as well as speaking with Billy Davis and the linebackers, Tony Alford and the running backs, Kerry Coombs and the cornerbacks, Greg Schiano and the safeties, Kevin Wilson, Ryan Day, J.T. Barrett, Billy Price, and Tyquan Lewis.

The Buckeyes have now had seven of their 15 spring practices, with camp culminating in the Spring Game on April 15. Saturday is the eighth practice and the second scrimmage, which means that business is going to pick up down the stretch. Rather than wait until all of that happens, however, let's talk about what we have seen over these first seven practices with five takeaways from the first half of spring camp.

1. Urban Meyer likes his options at H-back.

Losing a player like Curtis Samuel could frustrate any program, but the point of recruiting is to avoid such frustrations. Ohio State has never been immune to these problems, but in seeing what we have of practice and talking to Urban Meyer, he clearly likes what he has gotten from Parris Campbell, K.J. Hill, and Eric Glover-Williams.

Campbell has already been anointed the team's top receiver per Meyer, and Hill is either No. 2 or No. 3 in the overall receiver pecking order. When two of your top two or three receivers are in the slot, that speaks well of that position overall. The fact that there are no plans to move Demario McCall there this spring is telling, because if there were concerns about H-back, he'd be in there trying to solidify a position of weakness.

Instead, the Buckeyes have three players that they like -- and who are all a little bit different from each other. Campbell has running back experience in high school, but can he bring the interior running that the offense had last year with Curtis Samuel? Hill won't be that guy because he's never done it, and he's plenty effective as a receiver in space. Glover-Williams is too small to run inside, so he won't give them that option either.

Can Campbell -- who is listed at 6-foot-1 and 208 pounds -- give them some carries between the tackles? Or will they simply rely on a much deeper group of running backs than they've had recently? The fact that there are questions like this and Meyer doesn't seem at all concerned speaks to his confidence level of the position overall.

I may be wrong, but I wouldn't expect a move from McCall in the fall because that's not really something this staff has done before. If you're going to be an H-back in the fall, then you're going to have to be an H-back in the spring. At least that's how it's always been before -- unless your name is Braxton Miller.

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