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New Ohio State Men's Basketball Assistants Meet with the Media
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Ohio State introduced its three new men's basketball assistant coaches on Thursday. Ryan Pedon, Terry Johnson, and Mike Schrage spoke with the media for nearly a half hour. Overall, the mood was one of excitement and eagerness at the opportunity to both recruit for Ohio State and build up and coach the existing Buckeyes.

There was plenty said, and it will be covered more in the coming days. For now here are three relatively short videos from each assistant that gives you some insight into what the last week has been like and the opportunity ahead of them.

First up, Ryan Pedon, who is from Columbus. He grew up in a family of Buckeye fans. They had season tickets for both football and basketball. Coming home has been a pretty big deal.

Terry Johnson decided to take a little bit of a vacation while everything was going on with Ohio State and Chris Holtmann. Now that he's a Buckeye, however, he's finding life on the recruiting trail quite agreeable.

Like the other two coaches, Mike Schrage (pronounced “SHRAWG-ee”) was asked about recruiting. The focus, as you might expect, is going to begin in Ohio and go out from there. He also talked about what an easy decision it was to come to Ohio State with Chris Holtmann.

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