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Recruits Already Very Receptive to New Ohio State Assistant Coaches
By Tony Gerdeman
Recruiting has already started out well for Ryan Pedon and his fellow assistant coaches
Photo by Tony Gerdeman

When you consider the fact that it was recruiting that ultimately led to Thad Matta's demise, it is understandable if the topic of the day when meeting the new Ohio State assistant coaches centered around recruiting.

Those assistants -- Ryan Pedon, Terry Johnson, and Mike Schrage -- were all "over the moon" on Thursday when talking about recruiting for Ohio State. They spoke of many different aspects of recruiting, particularly the reception they have received.

"Great," Ryan Pedon said of that reception. "Great."

The sly smile on his face said much more than his two whole words ever could. He was not the only coach carrying that smile, but he was the only one who was so reserved in how he expressed it.

"Ohio State is a powerful school, athletic department, brand, network," Mike Schrage said. "I feel like we were recruiting some guys that makes it a pretty easy transition for us at Ohio State. It’s been fun calling seniors, juniors. You can tell it carries a lot of weight, no doubt."

For the existing recruits, there was already a relationship. So much so that they were actually reaching out to the coaches before the coaches could reach out to them.

"We heard from some recruits right away," Schrage said. "The amount of guys that texted Coach Holtmann or us like, ‘Hey, congrats’ or ‘Hey, we heard the news.’ That’s pretty impressive. When you consider the amount of programs that are recruiting them, for them to contact you just on their own, that’s pretty impressive right there. It certainly shows a high interest."

Players reaching out to the coaches shows the relationships that have already been forged. One of the more exciting aspects of coaching at Ohio State, however, is the ability to engage with a level of player that they weren't often able to do at Butler.

"It’s been huge," Terry Johnson said. "The reception -- I have a great network of friends, but now you’re able to talk to 5-star guys because you say, ‘The Ohio State.’ And it’s like, ‘Yeah Coach, yeah, I have interest. I’m definitely interested. I would love to come see campus.’ So, in that regard, that’s new for me and it’s also exciting for me as well."

Chris Holtmann and his staff have only spoken graciously and glowingly of their time at Butler, and they will continue to recruit many of the same prospects they were already in contact with, but the pool of potential players just got quite a bit deeper.

"I can get in more doors," Johnson said. "I can get my phone calls answered a little bit more, and guys are excited. Guys were excited about Butler, but still looked at Butler as a small school. Butler was great and the right people went there, but now I’m just in a whole different ball game. That’s one thing for me as a coach that is really exciting."

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