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Thad Matta Suits Up in the Buckeyes New Uniform
By Patrick Murphy

Thad Matta has a funny side, even if you don't see it too frequently. The often emotional Ohio State coach allowed the Buckeye men's basketball Twitter to show some of his more humorous side on Thursday before Media Day when he tried on OSU's new uniform.

"Tears. Real tears," redshirt junior guard Kam Williams said when asked for his reaction to the tweet. "I’m actually lucky that I’ve actually seen something like that because I’ve never seen him with no sleeves. I always see him with long sleeves and pants so I’m lucky to see him in something like that. It’s unbelievable."

Williams was not the only one who enjoyed Matta in uniform.

"That made my day," junior forward Keita Bates-Diop said.

According to forward Jae'Sean Tate, this is nothing new. The junior, who grew up just outside of Columbus and has known his coach for years, said this is stuff Matta does, but now he's letting the public see it.

"I just knew it was his sense of humor," Tate said. "I feel like this year he’s being more friendly to his social media approach so he lets the public see his funny side. That’s so Coach Matta. I wasn’t surprised that he did it."

According to Matta, it actually wasn't meant to be funny initially, at least for anyone outside of himself, associate strength and conditioning coach Dave Richardson and video coordinator Kyle Davis.

"What happened was, I was going to change to workout and David and Kyle had the uniform laying on the floor," Matta explained. "I said, ‘It looks a little bit better if somebody’s in it.’ They said, ‘No kidding. The guys aren’t here yet.’ I said, ‘Give it here. I’ll put it on,’ not thinking anything was going to happen."

Matta was glad his players, and Buckeye Nation, got a laugh out of the whole thing, but in reality it was a special moment for him.

"Truth be told, that’s my one time that I always wanted to play in the Big Ten," he admitted. "I wasn’t good enough and for about a four minute stretch there, I felt like the dream had come true."

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