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2010-2011 Misc. OSU
Everybody Else Is Having a Memorial Day Sale, so We Are Too.
By John Porentas

Memorial day is upon us and we're being overwhelmed by sales in celebration of the holiday.

The-Ozone figured we should get on that bandwagon too and make a buck, but there was a little problem. We didn't have any products we wanted to promote. 

After kicking it around a little, we figured something out. 

You probably don't know this, but before he was in the the web publishing business Mr. Ed was in the business of importing glass beads from around the world and reselling them to retailers and to manufacturers. He's had a substantial inventory of product in storage for over 20 years,and lately decided to get it out and market it.

Coincidentally, it just so happens that Tony Gerdeman's lovely wife is really good at creating products out of beads.

Voila! Instant product and promotion.

Tony's wife has created four design groups that we've put on our e-commerce site  

We decided to promote her red, white and blue group in honor of Memorial Day, but make sure you check out the other groups as well. 

We won't be getting the goods to you in time for Memorial Day, but we are offering a discounted group through Monday of next week.  Orders placed should be shipped in one to two weeks. 

Check it out.

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