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Team Players
  Band, OSU Player  Long Term
197 Bowers, Colton Player  FR
184 Capone, Peter Player  FR
  Cheerleader, OSU Player  Long Term
197 Crowley, David Player  SR
157 Drake, Kevin Player  FR
149 Fee, Mike Player  FR
157 Foley, Daniel Player  SO
125 Harrington, Pat Player  RSO
174 Heflin, Nick Player  FR
  Heskett, Joe Player  Long Term
285 Hiles, Johnny Player  SO
141 Humphrey, Reece Player  SR
157 Jameson, Tony Player  SO
197 Jontony, Dominic Player  SO
133 Kelly, Brian Player  SO
165 Kusar, Jared Player  SO
197 Magrum, C.J. Player  SO
285 Morrison, Corey Player  5THSR
157 Nemec, Sean Player  RSO
133 Paddock, Ian Player  FR
141 Palmer, Colin Player  FR
149 Palmer, Lance Player  SR
184 Pendleton, Tommy Player  SO
184 Pucillo, Mike Player  SR
174 Rella, Dave Player  SR
  Rosselli, Lou Player  Long Term
  Rowlands, Tommy Player  Long Term
125 Ruthen, Steve Player  FR
  Ryan, Tom Player  Long Term
165 Sall, Max Player  FR
174 Sanders, Jeremy Player  SO
165 Sponseller, Colt Player  JR
285 Stolarsky, Zach Player  SO
125 Tinch, Zach Player  FR
125 Touris, Bo Player  SO
125 Triggas, Nikko Player  JR
285 Walsh, Pat Player  JR
125 Zamaria, Pat Player  SO
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