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Team Players
  Band, OSU Player  Long Term
197 Bartling, Nyle Player  FR
141 Boone, Jarrod Player  RSO
197 Bowers, Colton Player  RSO
149 Bruewer, Joe Player  SO
197 Campolattano, Andrew Player  FR
197 Capone, Peter Player  RSO
  Cheerleader, OSU Player  Long Term
184 Courts, Kenny Player  FR
174 Demas, Josh Player  RFR
125 Dijulius, Johnni Player  FR
285 Elor, Orry Player  FR
165 Garcia, Derek Player  FR
141 Gordon, Alex Player  RFR
184 Gordon, Ray Player  RFR
141 Grandominico, Joe Player  SO
125 Heavilin, Darin Player  SO
174 Heflin, Nick Player  RSO
285 Karageorge, Kosta Player  FR
141 Languis, Randy Player  SO
285 Lugo, Carlos Player  FR
184 Magrum, C.J. Player  RJR
133 Manuche, Mike Player  FR
133 Paddock, Ian Player  RJR
149 Rigel, TJ Player  RSO
174 Riley-Hawkins, Kyle Player  FR
  Rosselli, Lou Player  Long Term
  Ryan, Tom Player  Long Term
149 Stieber, Hunter Player  FR
125 Stieber, Logan Player  RFR
149 Tessari, Cam Player  FR
165 Thomas, Craig Player  FR
125 Touris, Bo Player  5THSR
149 Visconti, Devin Player  FR
157 Visconti, Kyle Player  FR
125 Whitt, Josh Player  RSO
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